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I have a C-5060WZ and will be going on a trip out of the country so I am looking for a second battery to make sure can get by a for a day or two at time away from civilization. From the previous posts and weblinks it appears that the best route is the BLM-1 if you have a money tree in the backyard, or else a UNiROSS or Energizer OM-1. Can I get either of these in the US? When I googled these two other brands,most of the websites had a .uk extension.

Now I also checked on eBay as per Vlad's suggestion. Of course there were several cheapo BLM-1 compatible batteries. However, by searching for "olympus blm-1 genuine" I found a handful of sellers claiming to sell the genuine Olympus brand BLM-1s. They even show the box and sometimes claim that the boxes are factory sealed. Are these guys legit? How can their prices be so low for actual Olympus equipment?

The price is typically $US10-15 with $US10-15 for shipping.....(from Hong Kong in most cases).

Could these be knock-offs to look like original packaging and labeling? A cardboard package and label-sticker wouldn't betoodifficult to fake, especially considering Hong Kong's reputation for black market and knock-off merchandise...Some of the sellers have other name-brand replacement batteries that come in molded plastic packaging - this looks more legit and may make the Olympuspackaging look ok since why would a seller have knock-off Olympus stuff and real Sony batteries...and now I am just rambling with paranoia.

Any comments or experiences?

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I boughtan Inca battery for my C8080 and it seems to be working fine. At nearly a $150 Aus.difference with the an OLY original, I'm not worried too much if an original battery lasts 10min longer etc. The Incais there just for backup. I'd go for a cheaper second battery, unless I had that money tree in the backyard.
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