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sharonator wrote:
"After seeing that picture... hmm.. I don't know now."
Note the thread states thatpicture was taken with no flash at iso2500, which most small P&S cameras come nowhere close to being capable of.
The Stylus 800 has the better "HyperCrystal" display and Aperture and Shutter preferred modes, which the Stylus 600 does not, if those are important to you.
Take a look at the samples in various galleries and reviews to make it a fair comparison. Maybe not the best camera around, but it does pack some good features in a small package.
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Hey if you want a durable camera stay away from Olympus.I had a Stylus 500 for a little whils however UPS and Olympus has had it longer.Sent it back THREE TIMES and they can`t fix it.They said it will be replaced with a new one then e-mailed to advise its out of stock & will send when they are restocked...I am still waiting.Christmas coming with NO CAMERA,I will purchase a different brand...any ideals? Will NEVER buy another Olympus brand...
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Hi Sharonator,

I bought the 800 just prior to my trip to India in November. I picked it for the very reasons you are looking for a camera since, as an outdoor writer/photographer, I am often outside in adverse weather conditions--rain, snow, salt spray--that would ruin my SLR's. What good is it to have a camera that might--maybe--make better pictures if you can't use it when you want to. Also, the construction of the Stylus is clearly more rugged, esp. the lens cover and battery cover than other alternatives I looked at, including those from Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, and Canon.

Bottom line: the Stylus 800 took somewonderful pictures,better than I expected, esp. based on all the negatives I've been reading here. The quality of some shots in some situations was limited more by my lack of understanding of the cameras workings (still learning), and my ability to properly set up the shot.I'm a pretty harsh critic of my own work, and I discarded no greater percentage of the pictures I shotthan Inormally do when Ishoot with my SLR's It was limited mostl.

Frankly I don't get the negative comments. Why would anyone expect to get decent pictures at an ISO of 2500? I tried hands-on evaluations of several other cameras, and reviewed the specs and compared sample pictures of many more on the internet, and kept coming back to the Olympus.

BTW, I try to shoot within the sameenvelope of constraints that I do for film: ISO's no greater than 200, fill flash when shooting people outdoors,understanding that low light conditionsrequire the camera to beon a solid surface or tripod.

I joined this site after finally getting fed up with some of the comments that don't seem to be based on actually using or understanding the camera--or even photography basics for that matter.As for the problem with a defective camera,I can't comment on that issue except that the rare times I havehad a problem, I have receivedexcellent, responsive service. Of course, that was with film cameras, and digicams may be different w/r to reliability. I haven't had mine long enough to find out.

some negatives: I am old school and miss a view finder.Even though the battery gives good life, take along a second battery and charger withappropriate adapters fo the countries you will bevisiting.I would have preferreda manualwhitebalance option, and RAW capture--although my magazine editoris finding the JPEG at the highest res setting is acceptable.

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