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I am considering the new Olympus SP-500, which just became available, but I have not been able (though email to their contact number) to get info on whether this model will be compatible with the new Windows OS due out next year.

Is this something I should be concerned about? HaveOlympus' other digital cameras been upgradable to new OS in the past?

Thanks for insight...
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I personally wouldn't worry about it.

Chances are, MS isn't going to abandon their design for compatibility with USB Mass Storage Compliant Devices

Prior to ME and XP, you had to load drivers specific to a camera or device.

But, the new standard allowed the OS to recognize any device that used this standard, without the need for device specific drivers.

As long as a device emulates this standard, then you should be fine (and newer camera models use it). But, then again, knowing MS, you never know about anything remaining "standard". :-)

If they did abandon it, users would be screaming (since so many devices use this standard and they wouldn't upgrade their OS if the new OS could not see them). It wouldn't be just Olympus devices impacted.

Nah... they wouldn't abandon it. Even if they did, who cares?

Just buy a cheap card reader (around $19 at most major office supply or electronics stores). I never use a camera manufacturer's software for displaying or editing images anyway (and never have, from any camera manufacturer I've bought products from).

Of course, you'd have to make sure the card reader used the "new standard", too. (since most of them are using the same standard for interfacing to Windows as newer cameras are). LOL That's another reason they'd be nuts to abandon it. Who would want their software if no existing storage devices would work with it?

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Thanks so much for the explanation - have had a few peripheral devices become non-upgradable, but it sounds like there is a work-around for the cameras...

This is a wonderfully informative and well done website - looking forward to Steve's review of the new SP-500!
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