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With my Olympus C5050, I took two photos using the same resolution setting (HQ: 2560 X 1920). One photo was without flash and the other with flash. The size of the jpeg image shot with the flash was 1.05 meg. The other photograph, taken with the same 2560 X 1920 setting, but without flash, produced a jpeg of 2.32 megs. Why would the image size of one of the photos be almost double that of the other?
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Well, they are both gong to be the same size as far as width and height.

You're looking at the file size.

When shooting in JPEG, you're compressing the image based on scene content (the more detail in an image, the larger the file size).

If I had to guess, the flash photo used a faster shutter speed and had a darker background. Since the camera's image processing didn't have as much detail in the background, it resulted in a smaller file size.

The same photo without a flash probably use slower shutter speeds, with a better exposed background, so the camera had more image detail to compress, resulting in a larger file size for this photo.

The other thing that could have impacted it was noise levels (the multicolored grain you sometimes see in an image). More noise doesn't compress as well (so you sometimes get larger file sizes). In the areas of aF photo exposed by a flash, you'll get less noise (noisecan behigher in underexposed areas of an image)

File sizeboils down to the amount of detail in the image (and the camera will also see noise as more detail).

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