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Default C-4000 and "My Mode" question

I live not too far from our local airport, and the landing path goes somewhat obliquely over our house. It took me a while to get used to the noise, but thankfully it's a small town so there isn't that much air traffic and the wonder of seeing planes coming in for landing more than compensates for it.

I have one of My Modes programmed on my C-4000 as follows to take pictures of planes passing by:

- Mode: Sports Scene
- maximum zoom (96mm)
- sequential drive
- manual focus

When I am in this "My Mode," I manually set the manual focus to infinity. However, when I switch back and forth between different modes and "My Mode," the manual focus gets reset to the default value, somewhere around 12ft.

Is there a way I can have the manual focus value remembered in "My Mode"?

Thanks very much in advance for any help.
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I'm confused. If you are in "Sports Scene" mode then you are not in a "My Mode" setting.
What you need to do is set the camera the way you want it in the "Sports Scene" mode and then save that to one of the "My Mode" slots. It will then retain your MF setting as well as all of the others.
(I did this just now and it worked fine, leaving the MF at infinity and retaining all of the other settings.)
Hope this helps.
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Thank you for your help. In reading your posting, and going over what I had done, I figured it out--it was my error.

What I had done to set "My Mode 1" was to program it manually: Mode Menu--Setup--My Mode Setup--Custom--My Mode 1, then plugging in the values I wanted for that mode--such as optical zoom, manual/auto focus, etc. When I saved that mode, it must have saved the existing manual focus value (which I do not remember setting to infinity). So, afterwards, whenever I reverted back to My Mode 1, it'd remember the recorded MF value and restore it.

Using the steps you illustrated, I was able to set My Mode 1 as desired and have it keep the values. Thank you very much.

By the way: it IS possible to have "Sports Scene" as the default mode in My Modes. If you go to My Mode Setup--Custom, then the very first entry in the list of values you can set is modes, and the following are possible: P/A/S/M/S-Prg. If you choose S-Prg, then you can also pick the Sports Scene.

I love how versatile this camera is!

Thanks very much again!

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