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Anyone know what's up with the C-5500? It isn't listed on the 6th ave electronics website anymore, and it has been taken off the shelves of Circuit City. CC has the nerve to be selling an open box C-5500 for $229. You can get a NEW one near that price at B&H. I sure hope they aren't discontinuing it already?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I own a Canon Powershot A75 and have been very pleased with it, but am looking to buy something a bit more. I was really impressed with the C-5500, I liked the 5x zoom (my A75 only has 3x) and the many different quality settings. Only thing is I prob wouldn't have enough money saved for it until January. I sure hope the C-5500 is around then!
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Hi Pineywoodsman: Don't worry, the C5500 has not been discontinued. It a great little camera. You can buy a new one for less than $230. Here is the current price at 3reliable stores:




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I got mine thru 17th Ave. Photo, $219. I can't belive all the features in this camera for the price.
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Has anybody used this camera with an M512MB or M1GB xD card? "M" being the new series of cards with the potential for up to 8GB storage?

Apparently use in a C-7000 produces faster write times, and I'm curious if this would affect the documented sluggish shot-to-shot speed of the Oly C-5500?

I've been happy with an old Olympus D-510Z, and want to really like the C-5500, but with a young child I need shot-to-shot performance as well as nice pictures. I'm trying to decide between a Canon A610 and the C-5500, and the shot-to-shot sluggishness is the biggest detraction from the C-5500.

Anybody with real-world experience with the C-5500 and an M-series card? A comparison between standard and M series performance would be excellent (which might reveal no difference, or a substantial difference).

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Strange, the C-5500 an C-7000 are no longer available directly from Amazon or the regular affiliates (just individual sellers).

It probably means nothing, but I'm surprised at the lack of availability so close to the holiday shopping season.

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