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Default A digital SLR for my website jpeg needs Advice welcomed

Dear photo friends out there,

I am looking for solid advice from experienced web user/ photo wise colleagues with hands- on experience, if possible.

I am wanting to move from scanning my 35mm slides to Kodak Photo CD's for jpegs for my website. I want to base all my future work on the digital approach to preparing images of my pottery pieces and work scenes in my pottery studio for the site use.
Note that I am not including the need or desire to make prints from my camera although I do it for fun- but only 4 x 6's etc.

I presently have an OLympus 2020 and an Epson 3100Z and have considerable experience using them for image gathering. I generally like the on screen results I see but, wonder at these issues.Do I have a chance to materially improve my image quality with a "better" camera ...better optics, more controls on the camera?

1. Sure, I realize the web can't support high res jpegs or pages won't open fast. And, I know in theory that the 2-3mp limit is more than likely fine for my needs...in general . Still, I am yearning(read drooling) for a more SLR digital experience... more like my old 35mm Nikormats provide...and want to do it without breaking the bank.

2. These are the cameras I have paid a lot of attention to and ones that fit my imagined profile of price and functionality. Olympus E-10
and the Sony 707 because these two offer good camera function options and are real manual focus as well as auto. And, even though not manually focus cameras, I have certainly spent time looking at the Nikon 5000 and 5700 and read highly complementary reviews here in this site and elsewhere. My favorite is the Oly E 10, so far.

3. It is clear to me that part of this desire is driven by wanting a camera that feels "normal" (as in 35mm like) and part is wanting to be sure I have good optics to capture glaze imagery from my pottery which is critical to showing on the site.

4. Any cut-to-th- core kinds of feedback are most welcomed. My budget fits into the $1000.00 range and although my heart pounds at the sight of such as the NikonD100 and Canon D60 which several friends have, I do no have to go there on numerous grounds.

5. Anyone curious with time to do so , please view my preliminary starter site at http:///www.plumtreepottery.com to see the types of images I am referring to ....working shots and object shots. Remember - these are all 35mm to CD scans for the time being.

Many thanks for any shared insights

John Glick

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I really don't think you'll improve on image quality over the two you have. I know the 3100 procuses excellent quality photos.

I think the key is post processing to bring out as much detail etc as possible.

Can't get into your web site: The page cannot be displayed

For what it's worth the Nikon 5700 is said to procude extremely good images.

Try downloading a few from Steve's Reviews and see if you can really tell the difference.
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for web images you're doing just fine. i would revisit the issue when you have 2 nonfunctioning digicams. by that time the world will have moved around a bit and new toys will have sprung up that might really be impressive for your money
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Default Hello Steve

Greetings Steve in England,
Many thanks for your comments on the website needs I asked about. I went to your site...was very impressed witht he beautiful lmages presented. Were they all done with the Olympus model shown on your response profile ? If so, bravo.
Cannot say why my small website won't open for you...will notify the friend who designed and posted the site that it failed to open for you. Hmmmm!
So, from your comments, I see that you see now "hidden mystery benifits" lurking in a "better" camera owing to the ever present limitations of the web and computer monitors. Will you smile with me as I still may indulge in the techno-lust that sometimes overcomes the best of us?
With thanks

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First of all, your website and the pics posted on it are just fine. They are sharply focused and have pleasant indirect lighting, quite pleasing to me. Since you asked for specific advice, I'll be glad to share my opinions with you:

I infer that you'd like the visitors to your website to make their purchase decisions based primarily on the pic of each item. You probably also don't want to drive them off because it takes too long to load the pictures! To accomplish this, try the following:
  • 1. Design your main page to load in no more than 30 seconds or so
    2. Put thumbnails of your pics on the main page that link to larger pictures
    3. Compress the thumbnails to 50% quality or let a web-page generator do it for you CompuPic, for example.
    4. For maximum effect, size the pics to either 640x480 or 800x600. Compressing them to 80% quality takes a little more time to load, but may provide your customers with the picture quality you desire (experiment with 80 down to 50% compression quality, and decide for yourself whether loading faster or picture quality is most important).
    5. Always put a link back to your home page on each of your pages on your website (have you ever bookmarked a link to a specific item, and then been unable to find the place selling it!!???).
As for purchasing new equipment, it sounds to me like you really want to, so go ahead if you so desire. As for need, you don't need anything else at this time IMHO.
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Just want to b sure you kow about the OlyDak SLR being developed by Olympus, Kodak and Fuji (?). Hopefully we'll hear something in the next few weeks. Don't know if you'll be interested in a true SLR set-up, but supposed be smaller and cheaper than the digital models now available. I'm waiting to get a look at it before I make any more buying decisions. Hope this helps.
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