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Default C5050 settings when the sea is in the photo

I'm a newbie amature photographer (picture taker is probably more accurate) and will be traveling to the Amalfi coast in Italy in a few months. I plan on taking many pictures where the sea is in the background (or foreground) of the pictures.

Since I won't have the time for "trial and error" photography, I'm asking for suggestions on what settings on the C5050 should give me respectable pictures. Also, any tips on "different" conditions, such as..

- daylight, high sun

- overcast

- dusk

-night time pictures

Thanks for any help.
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Leave it to the camera (P mode), it'll do a good job, much better than a beginner for sure. It'll even see a bright background and fire the flash as fill-in. I'm a very experienced photographer (didn't say good :lol: ) and rarely correct the cams settings. The Oly digicams are very good in auto.
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Leave it on P for most uses, but use the night mode for night shots, with a tripod.
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My advice: since you say you won't be travelling for a few months, take as many photos as you can with your camera before the travel. Hundreds, even thousands. After all, you are not going to pay for developing. Download them on the computer and see what works and what doesn't. Don't just limit yourself to bright day shots, try night shots, overcast, play around with aperture/shutter priority, etc.
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