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Default Olympus C-50zoom

Greetings from New Zealand. I have just bought an Olympus
C-50zoom. I am a novice photographer, especially when it comes to digital. The camera always defaults to HQ rather than SHQ. Is it trying to tell me something - that HQ is good enough. Why then do they have SHQ? I bought a 128mb card with the camera so space is not a problem.
Would I get better pictures if I set it to SHQ each time I turned it on. Bit of a pain having to do that. What about the my pictures setting could I set that to SHQ and the camera still work as a auto?
Sorry to appear such a dummy but this really is new to me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Willie D
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I'm not familiar with the newer Olys, but in the Setup menu there's an item called "All Reset"...if you turn it off, the camera will remember the settings you used last.

The downside it will remember EVERY setting you used last.

You may want to learn how the "My Modes" work. It allows you to build your own pre-programmed mode with all your favorite settings and memorizes them for easy recall via the Mode Dial.
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The HQ setting is an excellent setting for 95% of your shots. It is the faster of the two jpg compression settings. I use the SHQ and Tiff settings for portrait shots. You will not be able to notice the difference between HQ and SHQ.
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Side-by-side comparisons of SHQ and HQ prints for my camera are different in that the SHQ is slightly sharper. If you were to hand either print to someone and ask them how they like it, they will remark how sharp and clear it is, regardless of whether printed at HQ or SHQ. Unless you require the extreme scrutiny of enlarged prints, it really makes little difference in my opinion.
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