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Point taken, though it actually makes no difference.

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Default Olympus SmartMedia Fix

Try this site has many files and lots of info!
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so if my sm card reader doesn't come with smprep.exe i can't use it to enable the panorama feature? i tried downloading smprep.exe but when i try to load it it says smartmedia drivers lot loaded
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I like the Oly panorama function. And I find the only thing the Camedia software is even slightly useful for is stitching. A copy of the Pro version fell off a truck, and it allows freehand stitching in both vertical and horizontal at the same time.

If you shoot a two or three shot panorama with the camera held vertically you can stitch without all of the exposure balancing that a program like Panorama Factory uses. Camedia software stitches very quickly and requires little overlap because the panorama mode fixes the exposure.

I don't use the lines or LCD with my C50. I would find them handy with an EVF though. I just align the edges of the optical viewfinder and the 85% view gives me plenty of overlap for the Camedia software. Not enough for Panorama Factory though.

I often take two shots with the camera vertical to make up for not having a wide angle – gives maybe 27mm equivalent. The software tags and numbers them for easy stitching. By taking only two quick shots I eliminate some of the problems with the same bird, boat or car being in multiple frames. It even works for group shots if you manually stitch so you aren't stitching through someone's face. You need 3 shots with programs like Panorama Factory because of the extra overlap they require.

I thought all panorama modes worked that way. My Pentax S4 is a real pain. It doesn't fix the exposure and there isn't a manual exposure mode. Someone on another board said the continuous mode fixed the exposure and works for panoramas. That is true, but you have to pace yourself to the continuous cycle speed. The results are OK with programs that even out the exposures, but they take a long time. Camedia is almost instant.

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