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Hi all,

I just purchased an Olympus Stylus 800, at a local photo shop, with the rights to return/exchange in 30 days. I've played with it a lot, and used it last night at a party we had. Overall, I've been impressed, but my pictures last night did not turn out as well as I would have liked. I have read the manual (on CD), but have several questions--perhaps I missed the points--and am hoping someone here may have some answers/comments. Sorry if these are stupid--I am not an expert photographer by any stretch of the imagination.

1. I was shooting indorrs with incandecent lights. The camera was set to Auto White Balance. I was both shooting with available light and with flash. Many of my pictures are too warm (too orange). After the party, I shot some pictures with my camera, and a friends Panasonic (also new, but unsure of the model). Shooting the same subject in the same light, with both cameras on auto white balance, the Panasonic was much colder (perhaps too much so), vs. the Olympus. I switched the white balance to the tungsten (incandecent) setting and tried that--but there was little difference between that setting and auto. Is this just a characteristic of the camera, or is there some way to "manually" set the white balance--like in the old days with a grey card?

2. I have an ancient Kodak digital camera, which provides a simple options to have the date (or date and time) appear on the photo (not just in the meta-data, but on the image). I can't find a similar option for the Olympus--am I missing something--is there a way to do this?

3. I assume this is operator error, but in auto mode, the camera seems to prefer really slow shutter speeds--as a result, I blurred many photos due to an unsteady hand. Again, comparing to the Panasonic, the Olympus on auto would go to 1/2 sec shutter (wide open lense), vs. the Panasonic going to 1/30 sec. The Olympus was on auto ISO--while the Panasonic was on (I think) 800--since it didn't have an ISO mode. Should I be using the camera with Auto ISO turned off--I really don't want to shoot everything in shutter preferred mode, since that defeats the "point and shoot" feature I would usually want to use.

4. Is there a way to tell the status of the battery charge? I was really impressed with the life of the battery, but it would be nice to see how much charge is left--like on my cell phone or my old Kodak. Again, I couldn't find it in the "manual"--if someone knows how to do this, please let me know.

So, bottom line, so far I like the camera, but am concerned that my pictures were less good than I'd like. I need to make a decision in the next couple weeks--so I'd appreciate any information or comments. Thank!

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Let me see if I can help out.

1. Shooting indoors under incandescent lights ( I presume without flash) should require a change of the white balance to tngesten. If you need further adjustment to the white balance, it can easily be done in most digital photo editing programs.

2. I do not believe that the date can be automatically displayed on the photo face when using the Olympus Stylus 800. However, using the text tool found in most digital photo editing programs, it can easily be place on the face of the photo.

3. The olympus Stylus 800 will only move up two steps from its lowest ISO setting and no further. Therefore, when you desire to use high ISO settings such as 800 and 1600 you will have to set them manually.

4. Generally speaking the low battery warning does not appear on the LCD screen until the camera's battery is 90% depleted.

5. generally speaking high ISO setting photos are going to need some post processing.

I hope that helps.

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