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I know this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone has an Olympus SP-310 and has NOT experienced the low battery life everyone is talking about. If so, what cells are you using? I know from experience that some cameras (e.g. Sony S and W series) are picky with regards to what cells you use. Just wondering if the SP-310 might have the same problem.

I bought the SP-310 a couple days ago, and so far I am in love with it. I don't find it slow at all (for my needs), and it just does everything I want it to do. However, I'm only getting about 50 shots on a full battery charge before the low battery warning comes on, and shortly after that the LCD screen starts shutting off automatically if I don't touch any buttons for 10-30 seconds. It only does the LCD shut off thing after the low battery warning has been on for bit. The camera itself also powered down a couple times due to low battery.

I'll hate to have to return this camera, since it's taken me months to find one I am totally happy with.I hope there is a solution to the battery life issue.

Any help/comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A recent review of the SP-310 listed long battery life as apro forthe camera. However, they did recommend that you use the AA NIMH rechargeable batteries for this camera.

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You may have already seen this kind of info., but *if* the batteries (NiMH) are new, you should be sure topre-condition (called "forming") the batteries by leaving them in the charger for a day or so after they have fully charged - that is, if your chargeris the type thatdetects the full charge state and then switches to trickle charge.

However, if you have already done that, or ifthese are batteries that you already have been using with other cameras and they have worked well in the past, then perhaps you are one of the unlucky ones with a 310 with the problem.

Another thing to consider is getting the rechargeable lithium ions (RCR-V3) and charger. Some people with cameras with the NiMH sensitivity have found those to work better.

What brand and capacity of battery have you been trying?

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I have been using Duracell 1800mah Ni-MH cells. They are about a year or two old, but they have recently powered other digital cameras for between 200 and 300 shots with full time LCD use and flash. This camera and the Sony DSC-W5 are the only two I've tried that didn't like these cells.

Thanks for the help. I ended up returning the camera. If I read that it's not a fault common to all of them, I may re-purchase one and hopefully get one without the problem.
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