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Default C-520 question - Adaptor

Just wondered if those Universal adaptors will work. They have the right selection (3v) Just $70+ for the olympus one i think i seen seems WAY over priced when you can get the universal ones for around $20.
3v is 3v is it not
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No, 3 volts is NOT 3 volts. Here's why...

Frist off those universal adaptors are NOT regulated...if you measure one of them without a load you will find that the output voltage is much higher than 3v, until you put a load on it. I set mine for 3v and without a load I measured 4.7v or 63% higher. Regulated supply will be 3v with or without a load...and if a cheap supply can go above 3v it can go below 3v.

Second, the current rating on most universal supplies are 300mA, 500mA, 800mA...I don't know the requirements for current on the adaptor for your camera, but I do know the one for my camera (C-700) requires 6.5v at 2100mA...a lot more than the majority of the universal adaptors can supply. You can't just look at voltage, you have to look at the current too. If your universal adaptor can't supply the current required, your supply will overheat, and if it doesn't die quickly your voltage will drop which will put a strain on your camera's circuit...then you may get a spike in voltage which may blow your camera.

Lastly, those universal adaptors can have the polarity reversed...if you make a mistake and get it backwards, you will blow your camera for sure (if Oly didn't put in any polarity protection into the camera). You may be using it and then one day temporarily use it for another device which has the opposite polarity, and then forget to switch it back for the camera and BOOM...your camera is dead. Or you may have someone who wants to play a prank and change the polarity.

In other words, your universal adaptor just isn't up to the task. Do you want to risk all the money you spent on your camera with a cheap universal adaptor?

If you haven't already, buy yourself a set of high capcity NiMH batteries and a good charger. Those things last a long time.

If you still want to use the universal adaptor after all this, I wish you luck because you will NEED IT!!!

BTW, shop around on the internet...I've seen the adaptor you need a lot cheaper than $70.
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Default Ok, thanx. Was wondering about that, grabbed some -in-

1800 rechargables, this being the highest at the store i was in. Havent used then yet as im waiting for the ones that came with the camera to die Guess I will inverst in a card reader, but at the rate i take pictures i can probably stick with batteries
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