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Default Bad CCD?

I own an Olympus C-3020Z. I purchased it back in Feb this year. Recently, I noticed one single pixel near the bottom of nearly every image I take that is a flouescent green. It seems to show up mor ein darker images (less lighting) than in images taken during the day. I save nearly all my pictures so I went back through a huge archive looking at various images...sure enough. It's on just about every single picture I've taken since early March. The following image shows it. I've circles the pixel with red. The original image was 2048x1536 and the only thing I've done is reduce it to 800x600.

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Default re:Hot Pixel(s)

Ya, looks like you may have a possible sensitive (hot?) pixel. Also, the shot provided is at night & if ISO was at 150 or more, then you should be happy with the result (ie, I doubt that you would see this pixel in a daylight scene where ISO should be set <=100).

Go ahead & test your camera using the attached "Hot/Dead Pixel Test" software freefrom:http://www.starzen.com/imaging/deadpixeltest.htm

Note that hot pixels are also a function of camera internal temperature. For example, compare the test results when the (internal) camera is cool (eg, 40 deg F [left it in the garage overnight ]) vs when it is warm (say 80+ deg F [after running it hard [full on] 30 or more minutes ]).

My understanding is that it is possible to clear/map out hot pixels. Search Dpreview site for more details.
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Thank you very much for the input. I'm testing this program out right now. Hopefully it will allow me to get some good results.

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