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Default Got my c2100 today!! A little thank u post

Yep, went into the store and bought and oly c2100!
As i was walking towards the store, i couldnt stop thinking about the choise i was about to make! The question - Am i doing the right thing? Should i get a tradicional SLR instead? - i mean, handing over 774 euros ($830us) is a bit difficult, specially if it's your 1 and a half savings!
So i got there and since the vendor was busy with another client, i had to wait 10min... cameras all around, digital and analogic... time seemed to be elastic! My mind was overclocking with all the questions on my head... i had to decide! The fact that i DONT have to process the film and the fact that i can just shoot away everything i want (w/o paying for (film processing)), made my decision clearer - Get a Digicam.
It's a fact that film SLR r still better than prosumer digicams but what the hell!

The vendor ofered me a 64MB SM card (rather then the 8MB that were in the box) , 20 print-outs (4x6 or 8x10) and a discount of 15% on a rapid charger+1700mh batteries unit! Since the warranty was kinda old, i'm getting a new one next week! It's a new camera not a refurbished one. Very nice people indeed!

Still missing a bag but it wont be for much longer! So i've read the all manual and started to take a few pics, 130 in the first day. Mostly the views from my balcony; macros on coins, bills, ashtrays, labels, mom, dad, birds, cars, etc... trying out the camera!

If u got this far u must be wondering, where's the "little thank u" part? Search no more!

In a few months i'll be able to tell if i'm happy with the camera or not, right now i'll still stuned with my new "toy". Right now all i can say is:

Thank u Steve and your colaborators for your wonderfull site and forums!! Keep up the good work!
Also, i'de like to thank all the c2100 users that i've "nagged" (and i'll nag) and the users that read this post so far!

My gallery sucks right now cuz there's not much photos on it, mostly try-outs, but the easter hollydays are close and that means more photos!!
To the curious here's the link to my balcony shots: http://www.pbase.com/xf20/bardajona

Cumpx to all!!
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could you tone down your avatar to the requested pixel size. ithink we would prefer to read what you have to say without enlarging our desktops to accomadate the flag.

"Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 80 pixels, a height no greater than 80 pixels and a file size no more than 6kB."

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I'm glad to hear you got your camera! Spend some time reading the manual, until you are comfortable that you know how to use all the "bells and whistles" that come with it. I believe you'll be amazed how flexible it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as we C-2100 users enjoy ours!
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Default New UZI !

Congratulations on your new friend! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine! You are starting off real well. You might want to use the " Instant Fix" feature in the Camedia program that came with your camera. It will make a lot of your first pictures, with it's lighting and contrast correction, look even better! Later on, you might want to get a better editing program like Photoshop Elements 2 or Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7. I find the "Image Pro" very easy to learn and use.
Have fun and enjoy it!
Bob Riggs
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congratulations for your new camera ! i had a c2100, but it was robbed. i'm looking a new one (NOT REFURBISHED) to buy, but i can't find it. please, could you tell me where did you buy yours ??
thank a lot in advance,
nacho mur
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Good start. Some of your photos, specially the night photos are set to iso 200, and a bit noisy or grainy. Try setting it to ISO 100. The higher the iso, the nosier the photos will be.
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I'm on holidays now (since 17/04/2003 at 22:30 to 27/04 1830!) so that means more time to learn about the camera workouts!


I have a photoshop cd to install and a lot to learn. I jumped out from a very basic 35mm fixed lenses to a digicam with manual features so i still need to learn somethings about f-stop's, shutter speed's and light!

One thing i've learn is NOT to make a 1'' exposer in day time unless u have a big f-stop!

I'll be looking at your pic's, c2100 user's!

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