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Default C-730: White dots in low light pic

I've recently been exploring low light photography (storms,
lightning, etc.) and took a pic the other night of a waving
flashlight in a dark room using a slow shutter (around 10 seconds)
and an f-stop of F8. The streaking light from the flashlight came out
fine but there were lots of very distinct white dots in the pic.
Could be digital artifacts but it looks more like dust particles or
something. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, --Roy
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As always, it helps to have an example photo.

Anyways, already answer this in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/

Odds are they're hot pixels, but usually they're different colours
and not white (unless you shot B&W). Here's a picture with an
example (although I used them as a positive thing, as stars):


You'll have to see it in large or original to really see them. That
picture was taken at 5 seconds, but the CCD was already warm because
I had shot over 60 pictures to get the right effect. Really need to
see a picture to know for sure, but the bets are on hot pixels.

Of course the flashlight could have lit up pollen in the air...I've
seen pics with odd white artifacts and it came from the flash
lighting up pollen in the air.

With the C-730 you can automatically reduce hot pixel noise by turning
on "Noise Reduction"...it takes a second "black" picture at the same
exposure settings (that's why it takes twice as long with it turned
on), and then subtracts the noise from your original picture.
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