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Hello all,

I received a D-595 zoom camera for Christmas thi past year. Everything seemed to be fine with it. Well unfortunately a couple weeks ago it stopped working.

The problem is that when I press the shutter button, it will start to flash (perhaps the red-eye reduction flash) and a red lighting bolt flashes in the upper left of the display but it will not 'snap' the picture.

It does the same thing when I try to record a movie on it...starts to flash, red lightning bolt, then nothing.

I have replaced batteries, changed the memory card, tried to use the internal memory, changed camera settings, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas or hints before I send it back to Olympus for repairs?

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Does it do the same thing outside in good light (a well lit interior is very low light to a camera)?

I'd try it in light where it doesn't need a flash and see if it behaves the same way (outside in daylight).

If it behaves the same way in good outdoor light, I'd try all buttons and switches to make sure a bit of oxidation hasn't built up under one as first step. Ditto for the flash (if it's a popup type, pop it up and down in case a switch is getting stuck and you can work it loose).

As for the batteries, did you replace them with fully charged, high capacity NiMH batteries?

Some models are a bit finnicky on batteries, and won't work at all with Alkalines. I don't know about your Oly.


You may also want to clean the battery contacts in the camera to make sure a bit of oxidation on them isn't causing a problem. I usually use a QTip with a touch of alcohol for this purpose (although you can buy contact cleaner pens at Radio Shack that will do a better job without the risk of leaving water that could cause more oxidation).

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I too got D-535zoom for x-mas and got some ideas
1) red lighting bolt flashes is the flash is not lock try changing the setting to manual on or off
2) is the green dot beside it flashing as well? if so try focusing the cam better with zoom also like to say with mine it wouldn't take picture unless the focus is locked
3) is the battery indecator(sp?) show ur battery red or green? if the battery are completely dead the shoot and view button lights will flash then camera will shut down

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