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i have owned this camera for over 12 month, i have been considering upgrading for the last 3 month, i wanted a mega zoom 12x, 6mp, image stabilization with loads of scene modes, however after placing a few post on this site, reading countless reviews and speaking to salesmen and holding all the top new brands, i do not see a better alternative to this camera, (noize?) as when i get a photo right i am very happy with what this camera is capable of, (saw some photos from a panny fz-30 yesterday, i have taken far better photos with my 765)

i have tried to contact olympus, to no avail re:- i.s., on their next generation ofcameras, recieved no information from them. if only the sp 500 had i.s.

the reason for wanting to upgrade, is that i seem to be clumsy on the macro and big zoom ranges, i have tried a mini tripod, of which is great for low macro work, but i do not wish to have to carry a bigger one around

i have looked at the e500 and the pentak *ist dl2, however i do not relish, changeing lenses, carrying a large bag, also the weight of the kit,

can anyone offer advice re camera shake and the way i can improve, as i have just tried on holiday using the settings and lost a load of pictures due to mylack of knowledgeof photography, also is it worthwhile buying the tcon -17 or will this lead to more camera shake?and what focal length will it take the 765 to, currently 380

as you have probably guessed i am just a joe bloggs who enjoys carrying a small camera and taking pictures, with out hassle of loads of kit, i would be grateful for any help or advice re the above, many thanks, alan
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Probably you shake the camera while pressing the shutter button.

Some options to solve the problem:
1. Try to find some support (hand, shoulder, body) before shooting.
2. Try HI Speed continuos drive (Drive - HI).
Just press the button longer and you will receive 3 shots. I assume the the first one will not be OK, but the next 2 have more chances.
3. Try auto mode (without full auto focus). You press fully the shutter button and stay still. The shot is produced later (while you are steady), because it takes some time to focus.
4. Try to shoot with self-timer.
5. Try to shoot in Shutter priority mode. Adjust higher speed.

Good luck!
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thanks for that, i will certinly try these methods on my next day off, as i said when i do get it right this camera does produce some nice shots (in my eyes anyway)

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