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Default Can I use my Nikon speedlights on my Olympus?

I own both SB-28 and SB-50DX (Nikon) and would like to use either of them on my Olympus C-5050z. I tested the SB-50 and it seemed to work, however, I was concenred about potential damage to either units. The Olympus manual mentions this damage potential and it gave me a bit of a scare. What say you all?

I haven't tried the SB-28.
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I've found a few sources that say the SB-28 has a trigger voltage (on the flash contacts) of 6 volts or less, so it should be safe for digital cameras.

The reason for the danger is some flashes like the popular Vivitar 283 has a trigger voltage of 230 volts (found a Rollei that was as high as 350 volts)...it was ok on old cameras which use a mechanical switch with heavy duty contacts.

I can't find info on the 50dx, but here's a page on how to test the voltage (if you have a voltmeter that can handle 1000 volts DC:

Here's a page on Olympus external flash support:
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I use my SB24 and SB22s, in auto mode, on my C4040. I actually prefer them to my FL40 Olympus flash for photographing any situation involving people. The FL40 fires twice, meaning the first flash makes people blink, and the second one comes quickly enough to catch them with their eyes closed. For off camera use, I use my Nikon AS15 in the hotshoe of my Olympus bracket, and run a simple PC cord to the flash. And lastly, using the Speedlight, which only emits a single flash, means I can use all my existing slave flash gear.
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I have used a SB-24 in the hot shoe of an Olympus C-5050Z. It works fine.
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