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I have a C2040Zoom with an ongoing weird mem card problem. The card is a PNY SmartMedia ID128MB model. I had this same problem with the OEM card which is why I replaced it, now the problem is back. What happens is, I talke some pics, check them out using the camera's LCD screen. All are OK. I remove the mem card, put it in the SanDisk reader and the images I get on my PC are different! They do not show up when viewing on the LCD screen. I thought I had deleted them previously using the cameras delete option. I also get the same results using the USB cable from my PC to the camera. Is this a formatting problem? Should I format the mem card while in the camera using the USB cable or in the SanDisk reader? I am ready to throw this thing in the garbage as I cannot get out the images that are in there.

Any help very much appreciated.

TNX, Barry
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Format the SM card in the camera. When using a card reader be sure to only use the COPY function of Windows Explorer, do not MOVE files as this will use a Windows delete on the card after the files are moved. If this does not solve the problem it could be a fault in the camera in which case it isn't worth fixing at today's repair costs versus replacement with a newer camera.
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yekcub wrote:
Should I format the mem card while in the camera using the USB cable or in the SanDisk reader?
Just to clarify Steve's reply, he means to use the camera's menu choice for formatting it, not your PC (the way you worded this question makes me think that you may want to use your camera as a reader, while still using your PC to format it).

I wouldn't use that approach unless you run into a problem where the camera is unable to format it via it's menus.

You'll find a card setup menu choice for this purpose. See this page of your model's review if you can't find it:


I always format a memory card with a camera's menus prior to every use. That insures that I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, just the way the camera expects it (since it's performing the format).

Most problems like you're seeing are caused by a corrupted FAT (File Allocation Table), and the reason Steve cautioned you about using a PC to move or delete files is that it can potentially cause corruption, since you sometimes have operating system and driver issues that result in incomplete writes to the card.

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Thanks very much for your help, I think that is exactly what happened. I used the Windows Move function to transfer images from the SmartMedia card to the PC and that corrupted the FAT. I re-formatted the card using the cameras menu and fron now on will only transfer the images uing COPY.

Thanks again.
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