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vondansand Dec 6, 2006 6:06 AM

Check out " JimC "from Savannah, GA who is a moderator for this forum. He has some useful ideas. So far I don't have any additional Ph. numbers. Just the Arcsoft numbers. My nephew bought an Innovage mini 3 days ago and here is the latest. He can take pictures, down load thembut hasn't tried to printyet. When we tried to take motion pictures the first trial worked fine however, we only got apprx. 10 seconds of action. We erased the photos from the camera to free up space and filmed again. This time we got apprx. 20 seconds of action. Immediately after the 20 seconds his computer shut down and restarted by itself but we never got to the start screen. It stops at the " safe restart mode " screen. We chose a safe restart and the computer shuts down and goes back to the same restart screen. It's like a power failure reboot loop that perpetuates. Does anyone have any ideas??? By the way, the photo quality in the high resolution mode is fair at best. I made sure the camera lens was clean using alcohol and lens cloth. I'm disappointed at the lack of clarity. I took pictures in low, medium and bright light. The pictures in low light did not come out at all. Just looked black. Medium and high light turned out :sad::sad:. Pictures at apprx. 1-1/2 to 2 feet distance were a little blurry. I did not take any outside pics. yet and won't be able to if we can't fix our current problem.

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