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For the price I have heard good things about this digital camera .. 7 in 1 multifunctions .. Has anyone heard anything about them or does anyone have one?

Just looking for advice.
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A friend of mine has a Mustek (dont think its the same model). He has nothing but praise for the camera. He also believes that for A4 prints 640x480 works as well as 3 MP.

Personally, If its not reviewed by steve, I wont buy it.
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Old Jul 7, 2005, 12:37 AM   #3
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I have the DV 5000. It is OK as a video camera and digi cam, but nothing special. The movie quality is poor and the claimed 4.1 megapixel resolution as a digi cam is nowhere near the quality of of my old 3.1Mp Fufi S3000. These days the only use i have for the DV5000 is as my webcam, where it works well. But, for the price, I don't think it's a bad piece of kit.

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Old Jul 20, 2005, 5:52 PM   #4
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Hello, I am a Newbie , and not from the site I came from anotherone hoping I have a new home.. the dv5500 is unique camera, Mustek has made the 2000 a 1. meg and then made a hit with its 3000 model right after, then again with the 3500, then they decided to go after the batteries and make it a rechargable calling it a 4000 now since they changed body so little they needed a new design, and sure enough the 5500 hit the market , as well as the 4500 known as 5000 overseas. the 4500 went back to the oldschool theory if it is not broken , leave it alone from 1 -5 meg they added a machro, and a flash to the 4500 with 3 special effects. the 5500 allowed you even greater effects and a ccd lens , but had so many flaws , one for sure , shutter or jamming it locks when you try to use one of its features auto focus.

Please do not hold me to my word this what everyone claimes .

Till later one they placed notes in the cameras that they fixed the issues, then newer models of the odler one's reproduced again. 2032 dv3 and now the 5200 , 8200 still known as the 2000, 3000. well Aiptek got in real deep and came out with its stablized camera while mustek will be showing 2 more by christmas of 2005

with its stable features ccd lens and optical so far all camera brandshave digital zoom and go as far as 16x. you can zoom in with software and have the same pixalation.

but one cannot afford the sony if we are of the economy camera 150.00 average is fine. but a mark up to over 239 is not fair on the 5500 as seen that high in price.

If you( the members)decide you like the mustek dv5500.I do have the 4500 (5000)and have vid and pics and they speak for themself. if I am allowed to post a link, I shall do so, if not i will direct you

I am not disagreeing with anyone. but I do agree if you want bulk , your option is a camcorder 200 plus with 200x zoom with optical, you want a camera you can pull out of the pocket shirt and not worry what is in the rear or distant 20 feet will be super after that, you are blurry eyed. if you notice my avatar it is an aiptek dv5300, and working onsomebody to make a animated one animated gif, youll see I own 3 of the musteks 3000,35000,45000

thank you again for allowing my comments hope that helped out. vids are on Pufile just search for my username
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