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Default can someone tell me about general electric cameras?


this model in particular, it seems to be a decent buy for someone on a budget.
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You could try youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db9vV4aBrFo
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Default Thanks alot!


I aspirated my coffee all over my LCD monitor. I find HSN has some of the funniest hosts ever. They have no idea what they are talking about and try to sell whatever it is.
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This is a re-badged Fuji camera that did not get very good reviews at all, as a Fuji camera. I would sure steer clear of it.

Sarah Joyce
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You know, for the market segment that is pitched to, it is a pretty good selling job. If you don't mind blown highlights, it's not a bad deal at all! Particularly if you could see the kind of pictures my relatives take with their pocket point & shoots in the same price range, the samples they showed are light years ahead - it is all relative (pun intended).
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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Default Re: Steve's Review of CE X550

I have the X500, which I chose to take on vacation to Europe next year, but it's a "do not open 'til Xmas" gift. My other cameras are a Canon TX-1 (10X), a Kodak C743 (3X) and a Casio QV-R40 (3X).
None of these had a wide enough lens or an EVF to view settings in bright sunlight while framing.
I noticed that Steve used the Default settings, meaning he used the Fine compression setting instead of the Best setting (less compression). If anyone reading this has an X5, X400, X500 or X550 please advise if there is a noticeable difference in the two settings. i.e. could Steve's samples have shown more detail on Best? Is there a tradeoff ? e.g. more digital noise
Please do not reply to this if you are making assumptions about this camera. I have read many user reviews who THOUGHT they knew the answers and were totally wrong, which I discovered from my short time with the camera before it was wrapped up. On Default I tried it in bright outdoors light, both at wide and zoomed in, and indoors with and without flash (up to 25 feet). I am totally satisfied with the exposures (yes, there are the usual blown-out highlights in high contrast situations plus softness and some digital noise in the deep shadows): these I can live with as my other cameras do likewise. All images I had a chance to take look fine to me at "full screen" on my 20" LCD monitor using Irfanview. In fact it seems that on long zooms, you get one of two edge problems: if it's sharp you have astigmatism (red/green edges on verticals) or you have less astigmatism and get softer edges.

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