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hey does anyone knows something about this mini camera:how can i make it work on my pc?

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hi i just got one of these cameras for going to a festival cause i didnt wanna bring my good camera. i can get it to take pictures ok and it will transfer the pics to the pc.

but it wont let me view it as a pc camera/webcam like it says. it just comes up with a black screen and i dont no what else to try since they dont have a site. ANY help would be a god send.

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I can not get mine to work as a Webcam either. I have tried everything I can think of! Any help?
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Finally got the PC camera to work after performing the following steps.

1. Insert the CD and click "Driver" This will uninstall them. (Add/Remove programs did not)

2. Remove CD and Restart

3. Insert the CD and click "Driver" (this installs them again)

4. Remove CD and Restart

5. Plug into USB then the mini (for some reason Windows this time didn't have to find it??)

6. Open the "MyCamera" program (the shortcut was installed on the Desktop)

7. Select PC Camera mode then Stop then the Black arrow.

Hope this helps
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Old Sep 10, 2006, 1:50 AM   #5
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Mine just worked with the enclosed software CD, but as a webcam, DUH.
Camera in PC mode, just displays a brown textured pic, a if no light source.
No movement detectable, Ain't we having fun yet?
Is it me?
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I guess I need extra help. I bought the mini camera for my daughter and before I could set it up she lost the CD. Is there a web site I can go to to download the drivers for this thing?
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[email protected]

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Old Nov 17, 2006, 3:33 AM   #9
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Others, yes the innovage is still $10. at wallgreens.
Saw the same at wallyworld for $20. with a Phillips name on it.
Searched a bit and collected this....

Philips/Magnavox Keychain P44417S - digital camera review.

Sensor resolution 0.1 megapixels
Focal length 3.9 mm
Lens aperture F/2.8
Image storage 352 x 288 : 20 , 176 x 144 : 81 With 2MB built-in memory.
CIF resolution: 240 x 320
Functions as a webcam
Captures 20 images at true CIF;& over 80 images at QCIF
Captures up to 25 seconds of video inAVI format
Includes .25" color CMOS sensor
On Mac site http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=251461
I think this might give you a little insight into your camera; sounds like you aren't the only one with the problem. The blue screen thing sounds a little scary, but I sort of found visualizing the 'taking a hammer to it' thing kind-of cute!
... so the camera doesn't mount as a 'drive' and image capture doesn't 'see' it... I found something on Version Tracker that can utilize it as a webcam, but nothing for pulling off the photos. So far, I am just using my PC to pull the photos off...
I found lots of Linux users trying to make it work as well ... funny it worked in about 10 seconds on my PC with a itsy bitsy 100k driver but no one in the Mac/Linux community can seem to conquer this little thing. (I am probably not smart enough to conquer it myself... defeated by a $16 camera!)

I have a "Philips USA J44417 Keychain Digital Camera" (you can see a a pic here http://www.dsmiller.com/html/Electro...ras-J44417.htm
EDIT: The program is called MyCam CIF, It's also bundled with Photo2Album from AvailiaSoft http://availiasoft.com
TRASH IT!!! There has been several manufacturers of this type of camera. All looking identical. They all have different drivers. They are all trash.

Read below:

Short Story: The drivers are TRASH. The camera, if you can retrieve the pics, look ~alright~. And it has a dual mode. After about a week or so (with Philips) your machine/PC will start going on the fritz. Both of my machines now start-up in blue screen. My father's machines are the same way now. My brother is having problems now. Take your losses and put a hammer to that cute little camera.

Long Story: I bought one (Philips) for my daughter. It worked fine for about a week. My father, excited about how small and portable this camera was, went out and bought one (Philips), also. His worked great for about a week or so. My brother bought one (gray market) about a month ago. Now he is starting to have problems.

Symptoms: You will receive a prompt that reads Driver fail. Then it will be hit and miss trying to retrieve the pics. A week or two will go by, and your machine will start-up in blue screen. My father actually lost his sound card drivers, and had serious video driver conflicts. My computer still starts up in blue screen and scan disk.

Corrective Action: Place camera on floor. Use picture extraction tool (hammer) and strike camera until pictures fly out. Repeat. *Make sure you wear your safety goggles.* Software...take software (Usually on CD-ROM) and place underneath the Space Shuttle's solid rocket booster, or main engine at next launch. *Ensure you stand back a few miles* This should correct the drivers and the other problems you had with the camera.

As you can see, I had some serious issues with this cheap piece of junk. I am an Electrical Engineer, My father is a Vo-Tech Instructor, and my brother, a Systems Administrator. This cute little camera left us all scratching our heads! Good luck, and if anyone does find a solution...DO NOT let me know...I'm on my way to the Cape!!!

May 29th, 2006, 12:36 AM

P44417 Camera Installation Procedure (WinXP, Win2000)
Problem: When you click on the MyCam CIF Application a "Driver Open Fail" error message pops up.

Solution: This error message can indicate that the camera is not connected to a USB port or that the camera's device driver has not been installed properly. First step is to verify that you have the camera connected to your PC's USB port. Verify the display on back of camera reads PC. If the error message continues to appear then you will need to reinstall the camera device driver. Follow the steps below.

1) Connect the P44417 camera to a USB port on the PC. Ensure the display on the back of the camera reads PC.
2) You can now insert the P44417 CD into your CR-Rom drive on your PC. The P44417 CD can be found in the product's package.
3) The "Photo2Album Welcome Window" shown below may automatically open. If this occurs you must click CANCEL in the lower right corner to close the window. You can now continue to the next step. If no "Welcome" window appears you should continue to the next step.

4) You will need to RIGHT click on MY COMPUTER icon on your DESKTOP and click on the HARDWARE tab. Now click on the DEVICE MANAGER button. Your computer may not have a MY COMPUTER icon on your DESKTOP. If this is the case then you can do the following. Click START button, click CONTROL PANEL, click PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE, and then click on SYSTEM. Click on the HARDWARE tab, click on the DEVICE MANAGER button.
5) You will need to find the P44417 camera within the device manager. It should show up as "MR97310 CIF Dual Mode Digital Camera". It should have a yellow exclamation point or a yellow question mark. These marks idicate there is a problem with the device.

6) You will need to RIGHT click on the "MR97310 CIF Dual Mode Digital Camera" icon. Select UPDATE DRIVER from the pop-up MENU.

7) The next window will vary depending on the version of WinXP installed on your PC. On Windows XP Service Pack 2 the following window will open. Your will be asked, "Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software". You should click "No, not this time". You can now click NEXT.

8) On WinXP SP1 and Win2000, the window below will appear. This window will also appear on WinXP SP2 once step 7 has been completed. The user now sees the "Hardware Update Wizard" for MR97310 CIF Dual Mode Camera. This step is very important. You will need to checkmark "Install from a list of specific location (Advanced). Now, you can click the NEXT button.

9) The next step is very important as you need to tell Windows where it will find the driver file for the P44417 digital camera. At the screen below you want to checkmark "Include this location in the search". The text box below will need to display the drive letter of your CD-Rom drive that contains the P44417 CD. This is the path where Windows will search for the device driver. If the path is incorrect then Windows will not find the needed device driver. To specify the location you will need to click on the BROWSE button.

10) When you click the BROWSE button you should see the "BROWSE FOR FOLDER" screen below. Now click on the CD Rom drive that contains the P44417 CD. The CD drive should be highlighted in blue once you click on it. You can now click on the OK button.

11) You should now return to the previous screen. Click on the NEXT button on the screen shown below. At this point Windows will automatically search for the correct driver. Typically, WinXP and Win2000 will automatically find and begin copying the needed sysytem files from the P44417 CD. However, once the system files are found Windows may prompt you to continue the installation. If this ocurrs Click OK and follow the onscreen prompts until installation is complete. Once complete you can click the FINISH button.

During installation you may receive a message stating that files being copied are older then the current files on your system. If you get this message you want to KEEP YOUR EXISTING FILES. You should click the YES button to click the existing files.
August 18th, 2006, 12:42 PM
This is VERY simple. Just use gphoto2 with the 'mars' driver. You say it doesn't work? I have one of those crappy little cameras myself. It looks like this, right?
Well, I have that. Works fine in Linux for me:
PS: I don't use Ubuntu (actually I use Gentoo), but the example still holds

September 23rd, 2006, 06:53 PM
I made it work!!!!!! I have that camera and I tried everything: Win, Mac, many sofwares, three different computers. I have the software that came with the camera and carefully followed the instructions for 5th time!!! The simple solution was to discard the USB cable that came with it and use a new one. The computer recognized the cam and I could upload the pics. I Hope this be useful.
September 30th, 2006, 11:25 AM
I'm sorry, but why are you talking about Windows in an Ubuntu forum? The camera works fine, it's the Windows driver that is crap. Here's what I did under Kubuntu 6.06 to get it running:
apt-get install gtkam
Then run gtkam, and do Camera->Add Camera. Click on "Detect". It ID's as Elta [email protected] digi-cam, and it's using Mars MR97310 as the driver.
The photos are small (but good quality), but what would you expect from such a small camera? For $15.

Tips Link to;
Just tips, nothing about not working, or drivers.
Due to the inferior nature of this product, there are lots of people that are frustrated with it. This post is one of the few places online that talk about this camera, so consequently it is towards the top of the Google results. If you found this entry by a Google search looking for support, I can't help you. My advice is to buy a better camera. However, there are several kind people that have left comments here offering help. Please read all the comments for more support oriented questions. Sorry I can't be more help than that, and I wish you luck if you are trying to make this piece of junk work..

I've been using this cam, (rebadged) and another low-res digital for an exhibition. I call them crappycams, and just love the unpredictable nature of the way they deal with colour etc.
The only downside is that with one battery, the memory can dump the pics sometimes before you get them onto a computer, so you have to be quick!

Posted by: joe at March 17, 2006 09:33 PM
I've been playing with something that looks a lot like one of these cameras on linux for a while now. The one I have is supported by gphoto and autodetects as an Argus DC-1510. I seem to remember something about a sq905 chip being the basis of the version I have.
The picture quality is much better under natural light. The battery life isn't a factor if you have it hooked up to a usb port and capture the images. I've even gone so far as to write up some simple scripts to use the camera for security (with motion detection) and timelapse/web applications. Great little toy to play with!

SE = self timer
CE = Continuous shooting mode
CP = compress mode
nP: non compress mode
AI: video function mode
OF: switch the camera to stand by mode
CL: delete the last photo
CA: delete all
Hr: high resolution format
Lr: low resolution format
F5: 50Hz
F6: 60 Hz

Posted by: Ian at May 9, 2006 03:45 PM
I suppose when I have more time I can upload a download file at filefront.com for all of you who lost the CD, oh yeah, what purpose is the webcam for?

Posted by: jcoen at May 14, 2006 10:16 PM
If anyone reads this, I have copied the device drivers from my Hard drive, as I have lost my CD too. I have the MYCAM program, and the two drivers for win98 in a ZIP file that also has a readme for where to put the drivers. if anyone is interested please post saying so, and I'll put up a link for you, or email them if neccissary.

Posted by: Ghost Ex at May 17, 2006 06:26 PM
Ok. after about 3 hours of searching, I've found most likely what most people need, though im not certain. On DriverGuide.com I've found the needed Drivers and such, although when I did install it, it said it was needing a dll. (Luckily) It was one that I had copied just before the reformat. Hopefully this should help some of you... heh

Posted by: mike at June 8, 2006 02:02 PM
I zipped the cd in a file called setup.zip, you can download the software and drivers at
http://www.box.net/public/ekd4t98vyv 9.7mb

Posted by: jesus at July 21, 2006 05:45 PM
OK IF YOU NEED SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD THIS http://www.box.net/public/ekd4t98vyv After down loading if you try to use my cam it may display "DRIVER OPEN FAIL!" to fix this simply plug the cam in to a usb port allow the instal wizard to pop up when askin where to instal from click specific location; find the "setup" folder then camera_driver and then hit next the wizard will automatically install the driver into windows the reason you must do this is because you only installed a program to use the cam the driver must be installed into windows. [email protected]

Posted by: william at August 4, 2006 05:26 PM
my daughter bought this for a quarter at a yard sale and is having a blast with it...couldn't get beyond the "driver failure" so i down loaded straight http://www.foundphotography.com/Phot...tal_camer.html
then you can view from "photo2album"

Posted by: brianna at August 13, 2006 09:03 PM
Right-Click the "My Cmputer" Icon
then Properties
Click on the Hardware tab, then Device Manager
Find the camera and right-click Update Driver
A window will pop up, click Install from a list
Make sure there's a dot in the first circle, check include this location.
Make sure you have the folder that includes the driver in a folder and click browse and find it then click OK.
Click Next.
And it should find it and install and then you can go about using it without a reboot.
Hope that helps everyone!

Posted by: chris at August 19, 2006 10:34 AM
Re: Philips Keychain Digital Camera:
This should help most of you. I downloaded the zipped file from "http://www.box.net/public/ekd4t98vyv" posted by "Mike on June 8th". Unzipped the files and installed the programs on my XP computer. The basic installation alone didn't work. I got the "driver fail" message. I had to go to the Device Manager - Imaging Devices and "update" the camera's driver to those included in the unzipped file location.
Once installed and working via the USB cable I could view the pics thru the "MyCam CIF" program. To manipulate the camera such as delete pics I had to unplug it from the USB and use the standard camera functions.

Posted by: steven at September 4, 2006 07:51 PM
This should work. It worked for me after unsuccessfully trying several instructions posted above (above posts leave a little detail out). This might seem long, but it is very detailed:
1. Go to http://www.box.net/public/ekd4t98vyv"
2. Click on "Setup.zip"
3. "Do you want to open or save this file?" click "Save"
4. Save the .zip file in an easy place to remember (I recommend creating a new folder on your desktop... you can delete it later)
5. You now have all the files you need, so go ahead and close your internet browser.
6. Go to the place where you saved the .zip file, and double-click on the .zip file.
7. I assume you are using WinZip. So, on the WinZip menu bar, click "Extract" and choose the "All files" option to save the files to the same desktop folder.
8. Close WinZip and open the temporary folder you created earlier.
9. Double-click on "setup.exe". This will install the program "MyCam CIF", but not the correct drivers. Follow all instructions.
10. Restart your computer.
11. You should now have an icon on your desktop called "MyCam CIF". When you try to launch it you will likely get an error message saying "Driver Open Fail".
12. Plug in the camera and when asked where to install from, select the temporary folder you set up earlier. Then select the "Camera Driver" folder, and then "driver.exe". Let your computer do it's Voodoo that it do....
13. You should now be able to launch MyCam CIF and access your piece of crap camera!!!.....

Posted by: Annie at September 7, 2006 12:16 PM
After spending 25 minutes 3 different times on my long distance dime...with PHILIPS company I finally got these drivers for camera pj44416... I am keeping them online for anyone...simply email me with the subject CAMERA DRIVER and I will forward them to you...enjoy!

Posted by: porscha at October 29, 2006 12:14 PM
i have a similar camera (maybe even the same one). they apparently were made by a company in china and then labeled differently for distribution to different companies.
after searching the net endlessly i finally found my CD. YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE BEFORE CONNETING THE CAMERA!!
i posted the contents here:
look for the mini_cam_drivers folder and download everything in that.

Posted by: Therle at October 30, 2006 07:59 PM
For anyone who needs Driver and Program for Breezecam go here and download Setup exe.
from this page: http://www.thane.com/other.php

Posted by: Nick at November 12, 2006 07:38 PM
Ok everyone who is getting the "Driver Open Failed" error do this.Uninstall the software.Then make sure the camera is connected usb.Then right click on my computer, go to properties, click the hardware tab, and click device manager.There you should see in the list a yellow error sign beside other devices.Click the plus an you will see the camera.Right click it an point it to the location of the driver.If you dont have the software download this zip http://www.box.net/index.php?rm=box_..._id=f_12296481 an extract it.If your going by the directory that you unziped these files to it will need to be pointed to the Camera_Driver folder.It will find the driver then you just run the driver.exe and it will work fine.

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On the INNOVAGE Mini Digital Camera

if the driver dont work
UNISTALL driver first--in Win2000
by going to device manager (control panel-system-hardware-device manager--right clicking on USB device with yellow question mark on it and clicking delete
(it should say--imaging devices-DUAL MODE CAMERA SL310)
then if you see it in ADD-REMOVE programs--(camera Driver)- UNISTALL IT
restart computer
recheck device manager to make sure its not there
then put the CD in and Click driver
if you dont have driver download it at
http://www.box.net/public/ekd4t98vyv 9.7mb
(extract it to folder then run setup.exe)
restart computer
you should have a "MY CAMERA" icon on your desktop
THEN and only then do you want to plug in camera

its bad with avail light
hook up to usb cord
go to mode,pc camera mode,
then Option-click preview-then Video Source---these are the settings!
on Video settings make sure its not set too low on exposure-
then device settings tab---turn brightness all the way up to 60,
be carefull with gamma-MOVE SLOWLY when previewing try 61
contrast about 115
you should see an image emerge

i just discovered DONT TURN OFF the "MY CAMERA" program
if settings are good
if you do you need to unplug and replug the USB plug from camera to reset it
THEN reset the settings again--YEP thats it--
DONT TURN OFF --"MY CAMERA" program while in pc camera mode

( i still havent figured out how to delete photos from camera
i can tell you taking the battery out dont work!)
if someone could make new software-driver for this i would send them CASH!
because the cmera seems to work and its cute
email rockmenow AT rock.com

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