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Default new gateway cameras?

does anyone know if the new gateway cameras are halfway decent? They have a 4 MP for $199. It seems like a ridiculously good deal but I still don't want to burn $200 for nothing. Thanks!
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Default Mmmmmmmmm....

keep your money in your pocket....... :?
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Old Sep 14, 2003, 9:29 AM   #3
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Would be nice if you gave a reason to keep our money in our pocket! Or is it just the cool thing to be hard on gateway?
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Old Sep 14, 2003, 11:21 AM   #4
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I'm not against anybody or any Company...

One of my friends bought the 5MP same as M50 and I tried it too and he gave it back.

My be Gateway improved them..I don't know....
(5 MP for 299$?????)

These babies are expensive it is better to wait the reviews or try to put some more money and buy a good one.

On daylight they take good pictures but the rest ..............

But, what I know "You get what you pay for"
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Old Sep 15, 2003, 7:44 PM   #5
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I had the chance to play with a DC-M40, and I didn't like it. The lens is not sharp, soft corners, ~4 seconds to extend/retract lens, slow playback and recording, LONG shutter lag (in the 1-2 second ballpark), I could never tell where the camera decided to focus, it was a battery hog (used up half the charge of 4 freshly charged NiMH (1850mAh AA type) in less than 30 minutes use (lcd on and off, some flash), colors were usually too saturated or wrong (like a cyan sky I captured), and the camera forgets settings after being switched off or when changing shooting modes (flash setting for example). I'd say, keep your money, get something else. It did have nice things like the CF slot, fairly fast refresh rate on the lcd screen (though not too sharp), and 4 megapixels at $199.
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Old Sep 29, 2003, 7:17 AM   #6
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Default Mmmmmmmmm......

Yes, you have to think why this 5MP cam is 299$-Gateway, Argus-199$ (same cams) and why the other 5MP cams are more than 350-400$ or 1000$.

Normally, I don't care if the wake up is slow or shut down is slow than others. What I want is to have good, clear images with very low noise. That's enough for me.
Shure all it depends what you want to do with the cam.

If you are looking for a cheap and good one why not thinking about the Minolta S414 4MP cam. Read the reviews it's a realy nice cam. It takes very nice images. and uses 4 AA batteries...
The price is not bad too...you can find it for 299$.....

Just an Idea.......

Good luck........
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Old Dec 17, 2003, 1:28 PM   #7
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Default Made by Medion in Germany

I have the 4 megapixel version (9721) bought at Aldi's two years ago for 299.00. I got a charger/batts, Adobe photoshop 5, and a 64 meg "medion" card.

This camera is made by a company called Medion out of Germany (note the german language feature). My research indicates that they are considered the Dell of Europe.

The four megapixel version has a Sony CCD and takes pretty good pictures. I don't know what company makes the 5 megapixel ccd on the gateway/argus camera.

It is slow, but if you are patient, I get great shots and love the manual features for mountain landscapes and it takes great close-ups. That 4 megapixel CCD was a pretty good one. I forget which Sony camera it came from but it got good reviews at the time.
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