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Chato Mar 26, 2010 10:30 AM

Some comments about my favorite P&S
(Let me first note that I always shoot in manual focus - A fetish of mine)

I've been experimenting with the Sigma DP2's manual controls. As easy to use as with a dSLR. You set it to manual, and one set of buttons allows you to go up and down with the aperture, and another set, with the speed.

But I also shoot in P mode, and sometimes find that I want to switch aperture on the fly, without going into full manual mode. Although not in the manual, you can use the same buttons for adjusting aperture in manual mode, to change the aperture in P mode. And unlike full manual, the camera reverts back to automatic after that one shot.

Are there other P&S cameras that have this level and convenience of control?


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