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Default Mars - part 2

Skies were clear tonight, atleast as clear as they can be in the city.

Here are 3 shots of Mars using 8x optical zoom, F 4.2 and 3 different Shutter speeds.

Shutter: 1/2

Shutter: 1/8

Shutter: 1/30

Note: F 7.4 came no where near the 'detail' using the same Shutter speeds as above.

Comments welcome
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I kinda screwed up my attempts tonight using way to long of an expossure setting. I will try again tomorrow night as its now 2am and I don't feel like going for another drive away from the city lights.

Here are the results I did get....:

That shot was a 16sec expossure, F3.2 and at 38mm

this one is a 1.6second expossure, F3.7 at 646mm's using a tcon-17 and the camera at 10x zoom or 380mm.

Its still quite over expossed in both cases but gives you an idea that the 17x optical zoom makes a little bit of a difference. I shot both of these under iso100. I normally shoot everything using iso50 but for whatever reason my camera reset itself when I formatted the new 512mb Fugi xD card I used this evening. Kinda weird.... I will go out and try again and see if I can better these.

On a side note: One thing that impressed me was how fast Mars was moving across the sky. I have some zoomed in 16sec expossure shots and its shapped like a disk because of the movement! :shock:
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Hey tkmckay,

I tried to get a closer shot by 'cheating' and cheating got me nowhere. What I did is I have a miniDV cam with 10x optical so I tried shooting through the len of it , didn't work at all, lol . I also tried my 10x binoculars, no go ...18x optical would have been nice oh well, I tried

I 'might' go for the 1.5x teleconverter, I hear it has a very crisp lens, we'll see.

Hey Nikon, make a 3x teleconverter for the 5700 already! mmm 24x ;-)

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I got to see mars through a 900mm refecting telescope.

Too bad we lost the camera's adapter for it else I'd have pictures to show you
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