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Hi there,

they showed some cars in a local mall and I took the opportunity to walk around that car and snapped happily away... but while I mostly have an idea on what to target when it comes to people, animals, flowers, landscape etc. - I found that I was kind of clueless here - what is it that REMINDS you of a special car, what is really SPECIAL?

When I sorted the photos I picked some and would like to hear your ideas on how you would approach such a situation. Ok - here we go:

#1 - the whole thing

#2 - take a seat!

#3 - I liked the symmetry here and the lines

#4 - isn't this kind of a promise? That car for sure sounds nice...

#5 - no horizon here, sorry

#6 - side view - I also liked the reflections on the ground

#7 - for some reason I like that detail

#8 - I tried at the front side, but it doesn't work the same way as in #7, what do you think?

#9 - a more "classic" view

#10 - actually, I took this because I think it works better than #8

#11 - inviting... isn't it?

#12 - or that one better?

#13 - another classical view:

#14 - front view

OK - that's it. Comments welcome - how would you approach that car photo shooting? Just some classical shots? Details?

Best regards,

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Old Apr 20, 2008, 8:11 PM   #2
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what I wouldn't give to drive that car... lol

I like the photos, and the diversity of full car shots and detail shots. They're all very nice, butI like 2, 9 and 13 the best. #2 just makes me want to hop right in and take it for a spin!:-)although a slightly lower angle might have looked better,IMHO. 9 and 13are, asyou said, moreclassic car photos, and they look good. Honestly,I don't really care for #8 very much, it just doesn't seem to work... But that's just my opinion.

I haven't really shot cars before, so I don't know that I can really give you any advice on that, but what you got looks good to me!
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Old May 15, 2008, 7:28 PM   #3
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Well… I'm not a pro but, I'll put my 2 cents in for whatever it worth.
Considering what you had to work with, you did good. I could see some of these in a dealership brochure.
1, 2, 3, 6,9,12,13,14
Composition is good, pictures are sharp. Lighting… not so good but, that's not your fault.
In my opinion, photos of cars should be of the complete car. Then if for layout reasons, if you need to crop you can. Although there are exceptions, like #2 for example works because you're focused on the whole cockpit, not just a cropped portion. You don't have that feeling that something is missing. Look again at numbers 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12. It seems incomplete to me.
# 4… hmmm, looks like a one wheel license plate holder with duel exhaust . #3 looks like the back end of a nice sports car with a great looking exhaust pipe!
#5… OK, so that's a nice side view mirror on some kind of car…
#7. Not sure without trying it but, I think you need to crop it more to emphasize the wheel without the distraction of the rest of the car.
#8… you're right it doesn't work. #10 is a much better composition, if it had the bottom half of the frame and a bit more on the right it would be really great!
#11… ah, the back side of the mirror. What kind of car was that again?
#12… this is a really great angle (nice eye) only… where's the rest of the car? I feel cheated.
#13 & 14. These are potentially great shots. Take away the unwanted glare of the mall lights and background, you've got a winner!
keep up the good work!
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Lovely colourful scenes, nicely captured....................musket.
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Nice photos!

This is a constructed business for a friend of mine in Ontario, Canada.. he's a great automotive photographer, does such a good job... perhaps you like to check out his site!

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