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Default Hong Kong 8000 Protesters Against Express Rail


Hong Kong : 8 Jan, 2010 - 8000 protesters (Hong Kong Police estimates only just 1000) including the teenagers from Post 80s Anti-Express Railway Group gather outside the Legislative Council building against the approval funding HK$ 67-billion-dollar express rail link to Guangzhou as Legislators debate the project inside.





from 8000 Protesters Against Express Rail / Hong Kong News
Photos by Chris Lee
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Powerful series.
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Good captures

My flickr
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Great pictures, although why would anyone be against high speed rail? I'm curious as to their reasons. Are they demanding more highways and cars? Dave
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The high speed rail system would have to bridge the bay, it would have ecological impact to the wildlife to build that brigde form the mainland to hong kong and is is not a short distance. Also I do not think the Hong Kong Resident want a quick access system the mainland to hong kong. It would open the flood gates to lower cost labor from the mainland. The rail system will not affect the Greater Hong Kong area. So it is not about wanting more roads and cars. There are to many there already. It is land strapped even worst then Manhattan.
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There are good reasons to protest. The idea of the Express Railway may be the will of the Central Government. Hong Kong people don't really want the legislature to spend this huge amount funds building while there is already existing rail service running between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Public transportation is Hong Kong is well-run, conveneint and profitable. All the transit companies are making money to sustain the system unlike transit systems here in the States which has to be subsidized by the government and transit tax since most of the are losing a lot of money because of lack of ridership. The 67 billion can be bettrer spent to improve the housing conditions of common citizens in Hong Kong. Chinese citizens from China cannot enter Hong Kong freely as the entry permits are screened carefully and most of the applications will be rejected. They do that to prevent poor laborers from the mainland pouring into Hong Kong in huge numbers that may upset the local labor market as well as the welfare system.
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