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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
That was exactly my thought, Paul! I'm not sure I can find 5 that really rise above the rest, and a couple that I find memorable, aren't necessarily my best pictures. I'll have to think about this for a while.
This was exactly my thought. I know I have 5 better pictures, but chose 5 that fit the criteria, but more so 5 ''I'' like even though they are sub par.
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i just tried to pick 5 photos that weren't too similar to each other.
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Thanks for starting this forum Mark! I have to admit that I don't get around this site as others would and it is a good way to bring out the talent spread out all over. I see some postings have already set the bar high... Inspiration to draw from.

Picking 5 is very tough!
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WOW... what a variety of fantastic shots!! I'll try to share my top 5 when I get home form work...
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Although I've seen some of these before, Kevin, I still find them amazing!
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Let me put it to you this way. These are my current 5 best photos, right now. Subject to change at any time...
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Originally Posted by Hawgwild View Post
Wow, if this thread isn'e a wake-up-call. I don't know what is. Mark has made me realize I have tunnel vision when it comes to photography. I will try...
My first, my Granddaughter Isabella from this Easter..


That is an absolutely brilliant photo of your granddaughter... about as spot on a photo as it gets. Excellent composition, exposure.. and of course, catching that lovely facial expression... I sure you have framed this, right!!!

All the best.

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Ok, I am going to brave this thread, I realise I may have to bow my head in shame afterwards, or run the risk of being put against a wall with a blindfold ... but I thought it might be interesting to show what mobile phone can do... at least it something different... and, at least until my Pentax K-7 arrives!!! I have only two genres, but then what do you expect from a mobile phone.

These shots were taken with a Nokia N95 and now my spanking new Nokia N97 mini.

You can click on the photos (if you're interested) and check the exif data to see what things you can do with a mobile phone. Some of these pictures involve using the Nokia camera's macro features, as well as telephoto.

Now for the photos...
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Looking good everyone and I'm really pleased people are jumping in. Hawgwild, I have to say that the photo of Isabella is really well done.

Ned, don't be worried about the quality of work, from a camera phone you produce better photos than I've seen some with much more specialist gear..... K-7 soon

I won't comment on everyone as I could be here all day, but my initial assumption that we have some people producing stunning work has been proved so far and as Kevin has said, he doesn't get to see what else is going on so this is facilitating exactly that.

Come on Harriet, I know you've got some stunners from the canyon, some lake shots.... etc. I always say you are a much more skilled photographer than you think you are

So who is the next 'brave' person to put some shots up? Looking forward to seeing more.
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I know my photos are no where near as good as the one posted so far but here are 5 that I really like the best.

The one of the TV monitor is from the 2009 UVA Children's Miracle Network Telethon and the rest all stuff I have shot for work.......

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