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Sure enjoy evenryones excellent photos...gives me goals to aim for. Another 5 of mine

Crab Apple Blossom

Hot Embers in a brush pile fire

Hummingbird Reflection


Eyes 4 You

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I'll start with a couple of my favorite macros.

And you usually get some spaniels from me too

Faster than Mom. DOF is not enough but I still like it.

Very tight long telephoto panning shot.

Wow, five more and I have enough for another thread or two.

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....I will add 5 more






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wow! I'm speechless, totally blown away. The first thing I notice this time around is that there's so much more variety of types and topics - I didn't think that was possible. And so many awesome series posted so quickly, I can't comment on them all. And they are all so good, I can't single out anything. This time its going to be harder than before - last time I had several that have always jumped out at me, but this time it's harder to find any that really jump out at me. But I'll try.
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There are some pretty amazing photos here. As soon as more are posted, I will pick my favs
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I wouldn't quite call these my next best 5 - they are more a selection of some of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites from our Yellowstone trip. I had seen a very similar shot published in a book on Yellowstone and I just loved it. So I dragged my hubby out of bed well before dawn so we could drive the hour or so from where we were staying to get there around dawn. I got my shot and it's one of my favorites, but it's not exactly a unique shot.

This hawk was standing on it's handler's arm, taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Some architecture - I like the fact that they put an interesting circular staircase in a modern utilitarian building. It's always interested me:

This might not be the best picture I took at the same time (there's another one that got a POD here at Steve's), but I like this one because of the deeper color in this one and the bit of humor in it. It was taken well after the sun went down, there wasn't much light left in the sky:

Last one -

I've changed my mind three or more times for which one to post. It's now my bed-time, my "go to bed alarm" has gone off twice. I'm not a great birder, I give it a try when I can, but I don't make the time to get good at it. This is probably one of my best wild bird pictures, so I decided to include it, even though I used the hawk above.

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And again some wonderful sets... so many talent in here and so much I have to learn to become as good as you guys are

Thank you so much for sharing!!
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i missed this the first time around, so here are my 5, in no particular order....

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Wow! Where to start? If I just comment on only one of everyone's pics, it would be an injustice to all the other pics, but to save time...

Mark, the karate pic is super.

Pure Evo, the Humpback whale saying Hi!

Penolta, your Cabbage White on Wallflower.

Ed Bray, definitely the first pic.

Daniel, your portrait of your dad.

Dustin, the church and moon shot.

Ancientritual, the St Louis arch, but to pic a favorite was hard, as with all the posters...

Javier, I love the Screamer, what was that all about?

Zig, no contest...the portrait of Grace. Outstanding!

Dennis, it's a toss-up between the Crabapple blossom and the Hummingbird. Both very nice!

Greg, I really envy you your macro set-up, that dragonfly is pretty awesome, but the spaniel portrait does it for me.

Bob, it's the B&W pic..Looks like horse and rider are studying each other..

Harriet, for not being a birder, these are flawless to my old eyes, but I keep getting drawn back to the sunset and silhouette pic. All are very good.

Rocky, I've seen your first and second pics before, and I'm still blown away by them. And the flying dragon..well, I tried all day one day to get one on the wing and my best shot of the day was terrible compared to yours. Your pic serves as proof that it IS possible..lol
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Rice terraces



New house

Landscape of Córdoba

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