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While the photo isnt that interesting, after seeing the picture of that beautiful knife I can now appreciate what Im looking at. Thanks Ordo. What does one of those knives cost down there?
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It really depends on the artisan and the knife's quality of course. There're very cheap knifes (US$20-50) and quite expensive too (US$300-?) from reputed artisans here. Leather crafters don't limit themselves to knives. They will usually cover all horses apparels and other pieces. You can find this tradition spread all over Latin-American (and wherever there's a cow and horse culture i guess). Examples of some great craftsmen in Brazil:

Artesanía gaúcha

And a soguero from Argentina:

Armando Diferrari

I do not personally use those elaborated handles. I'm a home cook and have a passion for kitchen knives but mostly use Japanese forged cutlery, which is the best. That horse leather strip was ment to be a strop (used with cromium oxide powder to finish and polish the edges) but didn't work well.

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