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Majority of my shots are with long lens. And this birdie shot was with a fisheye 16mm. While shooting with my long lens I noticed a downy woodpecker was circling me for food. And I pulled out the other lens in my bag which was the shortest possible while I was handfeeding it. I now know the bird is hardly that friendly and I can never replicate it.

Toronto Dragon Boat Race 2007

Large size warning

Daniel Toronto
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Amazing pics Daniel. Loved the Dragon race.
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Wow, I don't understand how or why there are three sets of photos... very sorry folks... I was trying to "edit"... but I guess I did that wrong.

Mark is there a way to remove the first two sets and keep the last? Sorry for the trouble.

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I'm having such FUN looking at all of the pictures others have been posting - they are all awesome. This is such a wonderful thread.

Photography can be simple or complex, it depends on the photographer. I've been playing around with several different programs and techniques (both camera and post processing). While three of the pictures fall into the landscape category, they show different things.

This first one is another Antelope Canyon picture. I posted one that I think is a better picture in the first thread, but I'm including this one here because of the processing. There are some "how to photograph Antelope Canyon" tips on-line and they all point out the extreme dynamic range between the darkness at the bottom of the canyon and the sky, so they tell you to avoid including the sky in your pictures. I took many of the scenes using exposure bracketing with the idea that I'd use HDR techniques and it worked extremely well. This picture is the one that I'm most happy with as far as the HDR processing - the transition between light and dark, along with the blue sky way exceeded my expectations - I didn't expect this scene to work at all.

This is a recent one. It's both a stitched panorama and an HDR. I like how the processing came out, and also because it does what I wanted it to do - I was trying to show the typical dry, brown Southern California landscape.

As is the case with panos, they suffer when sized so small. Here's a larger version (warning - it's over 4,000 pixels wide, 1020 pixels tall): http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/s9/v13/p712410396.jpg .

Infrared isn't everyone's cup of tea. I've found it for the most part frustrating and I really don't have the patience to do it very much. I'm using a digital camera and a Hoya R72 filter - this filter blocks almost all visible light, allowing through a bit of visible red and then the rest infrared. This is one of several I've taken that I like, another one that shows a typical SoCal landscape, this time in black and white:

One of the things that I notice is how it cuts through the blue haze you often see in front of distant objects. The far mountains on the right were no-where as clear as this when photographed regularly. For comparison, here's a link to a panorama I took at the same time. It's another large file (over 4,000 pixels wide) but the left part (not far left) of the panorama shows the the same scene as it looked to a regular camera: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/s8/v9/p372368173.jpg .

I've always liked this picture. It has some faults and some day I'd like to re-take it, maybe from a different vantage and with a different lens. But there's more to like with the picture than dislike, so I'll post it instead of another landscape/travel picture.

Finally, a bit of humor. I've always thought I should turn this picture into the police, since I snapped a picture of a thief in the act of stealing someone's groceries:

You can clearly read "Foster Farms Chicken Livers" on the full sized picture - this raven was making off with some fisherman's discarded bait container.
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Ok, with the help of one of the kind moderators... I sorted out the problem with a locked photo... Again, sorry for the other duplications, which have been kindly removed.

Last, but not least, great photos everyone... What an awesome thread.
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Default Here's mine

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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post

I missed this one entirely earlier. Certainly this gave us chance again. Good work indeed

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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Wow, Pboerger,

That shot of the extreme HDR storm clouds & sunset image looks as if it is directly out of one of the Lord of the Rings films.

Very impressive.

I second that, stunning images!

I also really liked the light coming in the windows in the church.
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The best thread ever . I got lot of inspiration from this thread

These are 5 of my favorites
1) This is called Kuda Lumping in Indonesia, this men not only spurt the fire but also eat glass,porcelain etc

2) Minifig, i took this picture after the rain in front of my house

3) Kites Festival

4) Taken at fisherman village around Jakarta

5) The singing lady.. I really like her expression

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