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ronggur, glad you joined in and pleased you included the Buzz and Woody photo, that made me smile when I saw it on your flickr

Good shots!
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Well I would say these are my top 5.

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Wow! This thread is incredible, there's so many incredible pictures. Each and every one of them offers something special. This is so much FUN!
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i shoot pretty much all landsdcapes anymore, but occasionally i'll branch out a bit into other genres... anyway, here are my 5 from this year...

"Majesty in Motion"

"On Patrol"

"Silver Wings on High"

"Tipsoo Dawn"

"Sunset Storm"


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I think a Steve's Digicams book entitled "Best of Five" is in order. There are some fine photographers here.
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Thanks Mark ! Great thread.

Take care,
Dwayne Oakes

"Trail of Arches"

"The Spring Thaw"

"Raccoon Creek"

"Tiger In The Sun"

"The Pine Forest"
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Dwayne Oakes

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Here's 5 of my favorites since I got my Nikon D90:
  1. Kelly on Osiris (Nikon 85/1.8, 85mm, 1/200, f/1.8, ISO 560)
  2. Sharon on Fondi (Nikon 85/1.8, 85mm, 1/250, f/1.8, ISO 1100)
  3. Blue Angels at JSOH '10 (Nikon 85/1.8, 85mm, 1/1250, f/5.6, ISO 200)
  4. '71 Volvo 1800E (Tokina 100-300/4.0 + B+W 0.6 ND, 125mm, 1/500, f/8.0, ISO 220)
  5. Kelly's Nelson (Nikon 50/1.8, 50mm, 1/200, f/2.0, ISO 1600)





I'm envious of some of the other photos that have been posted here, but I haven't had much chance to venture out and do other types of subjects with the D90 yet. You've all inspired me to expand my vision.
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I recently rediscovered photography for the first time since my college days in the early 80s. I found a good deal on a used Sony a200 in January and used it for all of the below except #4. It was taken with a Nikon s560 p&s.

1. Riding the Waves
2. Solitary Fisherman
3. Camouflage
4. Coach to the Rescue
5. Sunrise Over the Inlet

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I would just like to apologize to all the photographers who have posted thus far, for not being more involved in the comment department. I have not see a sub-par shot anywhere on here. This thread is amazing, because everyone's best efforts are concentrated into one thread. I keep going back to look and there are simply too many awesome pictures to try and comment on each one. So I say thank you , I am enjoying this very much!
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I only just noticed the thread, so here are a few from our August-bank-holiday-weekend trip to Somerset.
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