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Recently traveled to Taiwan; 2,000+ photos taken - here are 5 of the best, (I think).

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Some of these are new photos, others are old ones where I've been refining my processing technique. These were all taken with the Panasonix FZ-38 (FZ-35)





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Outstanding picks from the posters. A joy to see. Impossible to mention a particular one. Thanks.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Max Ehrmann.
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Im still alive guys....

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PB - they're all great, but I especially love the paintball bouncing off of the "victim" in # 4. The lightening is fabulous, the contrast of the sand and the deep purples of the sky suddenly exploding with lightening bolts is terrific.
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Wow! This is such a great, fun thread! It's nice to see so many are taking such awesome pictures. There's a little bit of everything here, a great place to come for ideas when I want to take something new.

What I find interesting is that while there's no mediocre shots in this thread, I do have some favorites. They may not be the "best" picture in each person's series, but one that resonates with me perhaps slightly more than one of the others. So in the "just my personal opinion category, here are my favorites:

Mark - that baby picture is so precious!

jgredline - that horn player is so LA, though your last one certainly tells a story - I'd love to know what it is.

Zig - love the reflections picture.

hkmp - the spooky trail is my favorite, it captures the feeling of early winter weather, it's always something I look forward to.

Jerry - the moose calf and mom is lovely, love the lighting.

Greg - the horse-racing pictures are great fun, makes me want to head immediately to the track (though honorable mention goes to White Sands, I fell in love with it until I saw the two track pictures).

Walter - I don't really have a favorite in your series, I always love your scenics. If I really had to choose just one, today it would be the next to last with the sliver of moon. But on another day I might choose something different.

Penolta - All sorts of wings! My favorite today is the giant swallowtail, I like it because its so different.

Billy - I like the first one best, the HDR is perfect. It's just that the garage looks too clean/uncluttered to be quite believable. Oh, you mean that you actually keep CARS is your garage?! Amazing!

Harj - An interesting series. My favorite is the last one, recently I've been looking at shadows and shapes, so your last two really resonate with me right now.

Daniel - The first one is my favorite, for much the same reasons why I like Harj's last two. And I like the b&w conversion.

Ordo - I love your portrait with tuscan cigar. Don't ask me to explain, there's just something really interesting about that picture.

tikamidnight - The last one is my favorite, though the horse and the frosty trees are scenes that normally resonate more with me.

Jim - What a fascinating series, one I'm having trouble deciding on a favorite. Since it's before breakfast and I'm hungry, I guess I'd choose your restaurant picture, though your couple is lovely also.

Martin - #4 without a second thought, it's too funny to not choose as a favorite.

pbjunkiee - I love the skateboarder for the lighting, otherwise it would have been the lightning (usually always my favorite, I've never managed one).

As I said, these are the ones that somehow resonate with me, not that are necessarily the best picture in a series. Really, there are no "best picture" in each series, they all are just incredible.
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Mtngal, What a brilliant review of all the posted exposures in this series. It really helps (me in particular) to know what appeals to people and you have gone above and beyond by commenting on each and every posted fav5's. I really appreciate your taking the time to do so!
The hardest part of accepting criticism is realizing I am not perfect.......
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@Greg Chappell The last horse picture is nice. Wts the camera details ?
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Originally Posted by CrazyTechie View Post
@Greg Chappell The last horse picture is nice. Wts the camera details ?

Just mouse button click over one of Greg's images that you want information on and it will direct you to his smugmug gallery as well as show the EXIF data.
By the way Greg shoots with an Olympus E-5 and Olympus lenses.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Ok, here is my offering...

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