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I crossed my eyes, and a few watered eyes later and a few tissues later, the 3D eggect worked!! Hurray!! I did it. For those who are still getting the hang of it, once you have crossed yr eyes and are seeing three pictures, concentrate on the one in the middle! It will appear 3D definitely!!
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Old Feb 4, 2004, 11:26 PM   #12
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That was COOL!!

i think it can damage your eyes, but it was definitely great.
can we try to take this kind of picture with other types of camera?
can my F717 takie this kind of picture?
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Technically, any camera can take these pictures, since it's just two pictures taken from a slightly (3-10cm depending on subject distance) different perspective. They are then layed next to each other and viola! You can imagine it as one picture per eye since that's what makes our vision three dimensional.

The nice thing about the optio 555 is that it has a 3-D mode which gives you a grid to line up the pictures and it automatically lays them next to each other.
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COOL! Toko me alot of time and now my eyes feel all trippy... but itwas worth it... cool! I couldnt QUIT get in TOTAL focus... but it was really cool.
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Very cool. I've seen some hardware you can buy to mount your comera on to move it side to side for taking these kind of pictures; sort of a track to fasten your camera to. I'm thinking it wouldn't be that hard to mock up something at home that would be much less expensive than the ready-mades. We have one of those old-timey viewers that look sort of like a crossbow with a card held on the end, that card having two pictures on it and you look through a sort of site at your end that lets you see the pictures in 3-D (this was way before Viewmasters!) I wonder if a DSC-F717 would be good at taking such photos...I'll have to Google for 3D photo clubs and see what their sites say!
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