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Default Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam

Wondering why US lost in the US_Vietnam WAR, take a good look at the Vietnamese Cu Chi Tunnel

According to the history, it's a great mistake US created the WAR
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Technically, the war began with France who asked for U.S. help. Once they had it, they left. Of course, it's probably too bad we didn't leave at the same time.
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The French asked for our help at Dien Bien Phu but we didnít provide it because we didnít want to look like we were providing support for colonialism. Maybe a mistake in retrospect. Not sure our air power could have made any difference in the situation the French put themselves in anyway. I donít think we went in until the French Army and Foreign Legion had left.

We lost the Vietnam war because of incredibly inept management Ė primarily by Robert Strange McNamara.

If we werenít willing to cut off the Ho Chi Minh trail with ground troops and deny the North Vietnamese army and Vietcong refuge in Laos and Cambodia we shouldnít have had Americans dying fighting in an untenable situation. Tunnels arenít much use if your lines of communication have been cut.

And if we werenít willing to allow commanders to attack significant targets in the North we shouldnít have been wasting the lives of our pilots. Iím not talking about attacking the population, just some versatility in targeting.

The common feeling is that the war was un-winnable. I donít think it was, but it was sure un-winnable fighting it the way we did. Fight your enemyís fight rather than yours and you always lose.

You see a young girl being raped by a swarthy little guy. You donít want to be unfair fighting a little guy so you grab your left foot with your right hand and hop in to fight him one handed. You get your tail kicked and the girl gets raped anyway. That was Vietnam to me.
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The only way to defeat an Army is to cut the supply and communications trains. Political agendas prohibited the military from doing either. The Viet Cong were excellent foes and were much better at jungle warfare. They had alot of practice.
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