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brtsergio Mar 27, 2004 9:16 AM

Captivity ...
Two years ago I was at an exibition.

Several filled rubber gloves had been attached on the inside part of a gazoline tank enclosure, as there were real prisoners attached to that enclosure. A strong impact.

I had not my cam at that time, just the video cam.

Yesterday I was looking at the movie when I came up with the idea of the shot.

I selected the most appropriate frame and I started to work with PS.

I wanted to leave and enhance all of the TV characteristics.

Feedbacks ?

P.S. :
Layer 0
- cut & paste of the selected frame
- crop
- some burn tool brush on the glove
Layer 1
- cut & paste of layer 0
- Filter\Sketch\Half Tone Pattern\Lines on BW ( to create a bigger tv scanline effect )
- Blend mode set to Luminosity

Soundengineer Mar 28, 2004 11:42 PM

This is a strange looking photo.
Upon looking at it for a longer period, I think that it is quite a strong image that, as you mentioned, evokes deep emotions within us. I think it is the assosiations of being behind a fence, a barrier or just on the other side.

The glove looks very innocent and harmless. And I think this is why it is so powerful. Why would we need to keep it so seperated from the rest of us?

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