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Default PLEASE critique! My attempts at horse-ads etc.

I;m just practicing so I haven't done any for sale ads just worked on some photo editing and text on it too. Keep in mind I have not had very good photos to work with, too. I also rush through and could do a lot more clean edges if I had more time and put more effort into them.


Keep in mind I did not know where the erase button was and it was on the auto cut thingy, but I know now and could re-do it. How do you like the layout?


Same situation as last. Otherwise what do you think?


Same situation again and a VERY limited amount of pictures. I also didn't know how to fade or anything either. KEep in mind I did these last three about 4 months ago and was totally naive to photoshop.


Again same situation, but I began improving a little bit. I promise they get better!

Horse Crazy:

Okay don't read the tex because i must have been on crack when I wrote it. No spell check, and it totally makes no sense. I swear, it made sense in my head, though! Yea forget the text but how do you like the other parts?

Disco again:

Stil haven't figured out that darn erase button! But as you can see I am exploring more things about the programme.


Haa okay so kinda creepy, but all I had no internet so I was stuck with clipart for everything. I made due, I think it's kinda intense, but I still like it.


I finally figured out the erase button! I like thephoto, how bout you?

Queer Eye:

Possibly my fave one, It took a while but It was so fun to do and I LOVE the end product personally!


Well its edited,b tu my first one with adobe, man is that programme CONFUSING!


Ah no good pictures, and that one I had was blurry , bad lighting, and black and white.


Do you think they're getting progressively better?


Had a great photo, just added text and a border.


Not he greatest photos to start out with, but I think it turned out pretty sophisticated looking. What do youthink>?


AH I LOVE this one. Beautiful photos to work with making the editing prety easy. To see it full size click the "normal size" button at hte top left above the pic.


Mah, not much to say.


Ahaha! Give me credit, I did it in 8 minutes!


I like it minues the jumping picture.

Thank you or giving me your inputs! I really appreciate it!
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I would prefer to keep the image simple and honest. The layering and transparency simply don't do it for me. I would prefer to see a clear picture of the horse and/or rider, unencumbered by other overlapping images. If I were a photo instructor, I would have to give you a failing grade for the entire set.

However, it appears that you have some excellent images that you are working with. Why not try to feature those images individually with text above or below the image.

I have had more than one photography instructor tell me to use the KISS principle in all the photos I take. "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"
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ya know, if you give me those images, i could teach you a thing or two, how to make them smooth and fit together nicely. If your interested PM me
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calr- okay, well that was blatently honest and hurt my feelings, but I will survive. I'm not a pro so I am not expecting them to be amazing. These aren't for just regular photography, this is what they ususally do for ads for stallions at stud and stuff. I just made collages for friends to hang on their horses stall.

Thanks ekime for the offer, but now I don't really feel inspired to do any more. I am going to go now. Bye, but thanks a lot.
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Well you said it yourself "Rushed" Why Rush with so many? When one good one, would do. I know this is practice and alot of thought was put into them.. And this part of the business is very lucrative if you are good at it.. I am no graphic designer, But have shot the pics for Many horse adds, here's some hints.

1. Perk those ears
2. All tack must be High quality
3. On Studs shoot from back to front at a low angle going up.
4. Allways have the left side of horse as your main one.
5. Background must compliment the horse not the other way around
6. Make sure horse is well groomed
7. Have plenty of light and shoot at a smaller (Larger f number) appature for angle shots to keep the clarity of the horse in tack.. Hence smaller ap. for a flat side shot to blur background
To name a few.. Keep in mind you are selling the horse, Info on achievments, get, bloodlines, important stats..

Also be very carfull using "famous" images or "well known faces" especially if you did not shoot them yourself, Like you did in the "Fab Five" most of these images are copywrited and can lead to a big mess

I have enclosed one of my ads I did the Photo work on. sorry the quality is so bad but I have no scanner, and had to just take a pic of it. but you will get the idea.. Good luck
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Discodudette, I am sorry if I offended you. That was certainly not my intent. I am under the impression that one of the purposes of these image forums is to show images and ask for critiques (which you did) and to critique the work of others (which I did).

I am not a professional but I do consider myself to be in the advanced amateur class. I don't take perfect pictures, nobody does. I went out and shot about 150 pictures with my Nikon D100 over the weekend. The subjects were varied, including landscape and architecture. Out of those 150 pictures, maybe a dozen were above average and some were just plain bad!!

I shoot from the hip sometimes. That tends to offend some people. However, I don't believe in trying to be subtle in my criticism of others work. I think that too often a negative, constructive comment is not understood because the person making the comment is trying to be nice.

In terms of number of posts, I am a relative newcomer here. I have posted a few images and plan to post more. If I get negative comments, I try to learn from them. I may not think the comments apply for what I am trying accomplish. but I read them and try to learn from them anyway. I have shot 35mm most of my life. Digital is a new world to me. I have had my D100 since the first of the year and I am still learning how to use it. I have probably shot about 500 pictures in the past month and I am getting to learn some of the shortcomings of the camera and how to work around them.

Although I don't care for what you have done, don't let me stop you. Keep working at what you are doing. Each of us has different purposes for using our camera and artistic abilities. Yours is very different from mine but that doesn't make it wrong.

One thing that has become very clear to me is that no two people see the same thing or like the same thing in a photograph. This has become very clear to me after entering photos in the Oregon State Fair for the past six years. No two sets of judges are looking for the same thing. If you sit through the judging process, it becomes quite obvious what the the judges like and dislike. However you can't use that to plan for next year because there will be different judges.

Incidentally, I have not won any awards at the fair but I have had numerous phtographs exhibited.

Good luck to you and don't give up because of my comments. Once, again, I appologize.
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Hi calr. Thanks for tha apology. When I meant I was going I meant I was just going to sign off, not really leave the website. Yes we all have different ways of looking at things, but I guess since I'm just a kid I'm used to things being softened up a bit for me.

So thanks for the constructive criticism.

And thanks digicamfan for reminding me that I need to visit the website!
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It depends what you are doing these 'ads' for. If just for friends they'll probably love the collages. Friends are just that, friends. For sales purposes or standing at stud they need to be cleaned up a little. Like Cowboy said take your time, it's easy to get excited and rush things just to get them posted or printed,and check out Ekimes who said he could help you blend the images.

Don't forget to ask yourself who you are trying to please. If your making a living at this you have to please the customer, if this is for you or your friends ask yourself 'Do I like this' 'Does it work for me'

Repost your changes, do before and afters.


Oh yeah, That waterdroplet was sooo waaayyy coooollll.
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You are most welcome, discodudette

Patiently, I await your photo submissions...

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