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brtsergio wrote:
Very intersting, ferny !

If you still have all of those cans would be nice to take some other shot from slanted perspectives, maybe using a small DOF as well.

I think also that the color version would be great on black : aren't they red coke bottles ?
That'll teach me to leave the window open on the reply page...

I did try from different angles but there weren't really enough cans there. It can be done though. I also had problems with getting them all aligned. They would be dead centre in the middle and look fine on the right to. But the cans on the left side looked odd.
I also tried it with lights on one side to introduce more shadows. It was too bright out and it didn't work. I would have had to leave the cans on the floor for a few hours but didn't want to. Abby was already starting to chew one of them :lol:
The colour photos were very nice, so I turned them b&w. I'll see if I can post an un-edited colour later.
I still have the cans. Minus one or two.
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ferny wrote:
What's OV?

The cans are a mixture of Pepsi, Coke, Dr Pepper and 7UP.
OV is short for "Old Vienna" a Canadian beer. If I go to a pub that doesn't have really good beer, (I prefer an English Bitters or something else from the UK; I guess around here that means I'm a "beer snob")I'll have an OV before some of the other stuff out there.


Tom, (having a Harp) on Point Pelee, Canada
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