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i just wanted to see if i could achieve a result working with selections and distorsions, so i asked ferny if i could play with his picture and he kindly accepted. i got this one:

- select the liquid with the pen tool, feather 1px
- copy and paste on a new layer
- rotate, scale and distort the selection to get the desired shape
- flatten the image
- work a bit with healing brush to erase the unwanted porttion of the liquid
- minor adjustments with the brush tool

thankx again ferny, it was funny
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How dare you post an edit! Look what you went and did! It borke the forums.


Like I told you, I like your edit. But I still prefer the oddness of mine.

To let people know the set up and the flaws I'll copy and paste from a post I made elsewhere. Yes, I'm that lazy.
Thanks, but it's got loads of flaws. It was taken with the digital under, shall we say not so great conditions. So lots of editing afterwards.
The edge of the darker base looks odd. There is a nasty reflection on the left side of the empty part of the glass (looks ok(ish) until you take a closer look). The rotating has made the edges of the glass jagged (as it naturally would do).

Hneehh. It'll do.

I wet mattress cover doubled over and hung from a rack in the garage. Two chairs behind the mattress cover with one 60w desk lamp, one 60w clip on lamp and one car inspection lamp (40 or 60w). They were there to give me the back lighting. It didn't work out that well. The desk lamp was fine, but because the other two were bulbs with no shade to direct the light towards the mattress cover not enough light hit that side to whiten it. So that was fixed in Photoshop (PSP8 to be exact).
The glass was on a set of step with two unused place mats turned upside down. They have been blurred in Photoshop (psp8 again...) to smooth out the noise and imperfections.
Water was placed into the glass, the lights turned off (leaving the lamps on) and the camera set to a ten second timer (the camera is an old point and shoot digital by the way). After I heard the beeps towards the end of the timer I thought of the fun I could be having on Supermarket Sweep and squirted in some blue food colouring from a syringe.

The steps the glass was on wasn't perfectly level which showed up after the images were seen on the computer. So I rotated the glass to hide it.

Oh, and I've posted the original in the makeover forum for you guys to play with.
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