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iacopo Dec 24, 2004 6:43 PM
the fog effect is fake. i did it as follows:

- create new layer
- paint the rays with the polygonal selection tool and the paint bucket tool
- gaussian blur ~15px
- add a layer mask
- on the layer mask apply the render couds filter (this makes the smoke effect)
- reduce layer opacity
- add a new layer between the two you have
- merge down the upper layer
- apply a layer mask
- paint a circular gradient on the layer mask to make rays fade a bit with distance
- flatten image
- apply the diffuse glow filter

photosbyvito Dec 24, 2004 11:20 PM're amazing!

AWESOME effect! i was just about to ask how you made the smoke...(i thought it was real!)

great job man! the rays are going in the perfect spots :)


Canna W Dec 26, 2004 1:41 AM

Very very effective:cool:and thank you so much for sharing your expertise.


ferny Dec 28, 2004 4:31 AM

If you had a bigger version of that it'd make a great wallpaper. Well done iacopo.

joenl Jan 10, 2005 5:15 AM

The image is impressive but equally so is the time you took to do it and then to explain how it was done. For someone trying to learn technique it is most appreciated. Thanks!!
Joe B.

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