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Hi everyone,

Just signed on to the forums. Just got into digital shooting. I did mostly film SLR (canon EOS Elan) and just made the switch to a Canon D10 a few weeks ago. With film, I found it frustrating/difficult to learn from my mistakes because of waiting for developing time, cost, etc.

Now with digital I want to really get back into it, since I can at least immediately see my shots to see (what I did wrong!)

I am very new to shooting, but need some help to find my way around & improve my skills. Could someone comment on the two shots below and help me out if you have a chance?

I took them last night of a foglight on the Delaware river by my home. It was EXTREMELY foggy last night & thought the shot would be neat. I took about 25 shots in P mode with a lot of different settings. It was pitch black where I was in the field, except for the foglight. It was neat to look at. I took my shots on a mini tripod that I carry in my bag, and did a range of settings. Needless to say, I was disappointed somewhat. I know these shots are bad! The one below was the only one I was somewhat happy with (kind of.......).

Canon EF 35-70mm lens. Shot taken at 70mm, shutter 1, ap 3.5, iso 400 exposure comp -1, awb, medium fine size 2048x1360. The first one is cropped & sized down. The second is cropped, sized down & adjusted for color balance & saturation in Photoshop.

I have no photoshop skills (yet), but if these could be salvaged somehow, I'd like to hear about it. Any recommendations for learning photoshop (website, book, etc?)

Any comments good or bad appreciated. Thanks to all for taking any time to help.


cropped & sized down only

cropped, resized, & adjusted
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hey jeffrey
welcome to steves-digicams

i have a question
what makes you think this photo is bad?
is it wat you invisioned when you took the shot? did you want more detail in the darkness?
because, i really like it!

here's a site that's great for photoshop tutorials

and, for more graphic type stuff...

have a nice day!
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Wow. If you are new to this, you (IMHO) picked a zinger of a place to start. I would pack up my Canon, and head for some place with a lot more light, and easier subject. I have no doubt you will leap into a whole new world. You can come back for the fog and darkness when you get used to all the neat stuff your camera can do. From what I've seen and read, you have a really wonderful digicam. Best regards,

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I live in a foggy part of the world and therefore am impressed when someone is able to capture this most difficult type of scene, especially at night. Good use of the light. Also thanks for the specs on the shot.
Joe B.
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