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coming from vancouver canada.....
here are a few shots i have taken since i got my d70 in december...
comments critique welcome of course...

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they are beautiful pictures in my opinion! the ones that hit me more are the following:

#1 simply like the shapes and the simple WB
#2 like the minimalistic flavour
#3 beautiful color and perspective...this picture may mean a lot to some (to me it does)
#4 like the depth of field and the overall athmosphere (again this one communicates someting to me)
#5 great composition, very elegant in my opinion
#11 good eye to play that way with that yellow square. i'd try to fix in some way the little tilt

hope to see more from you!
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Old Jan 28, 2005, 3:04 AM   #3
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Nice serie of shots !

Each one would deserve a dedicated post to be better discuss them !

#1 : I like the idea and the black background. I would fix the vertical lines of the cube which appear to be a little slanted with respect to 90°.You can just rotate CW a litlebit, or if you want the horizontal edge of the cube to be at a certain slope you have to distort your picture by select all\Transform\Skew-Distort operations. Still, maybe it's my monitor but I think the triangular surface is a little bit overexposed.

#2 Oh, I like this composition very very much as well as the BW choice. Well done !I would be in doubt whether to clone stamp the right shadow or not since it is cropped. Still , there isa little bit overexposition on some objects. Shoot with -0.7,-1 EV in case of reflecting and white objects and correct later withyour image editor.Overexposures are more noticeable than underexposures.

#3 Wonderful colors and good composition !

#4 Nice BW , nice composition andappropriate DOF ! I wonder how this shotwould have looked like if the bird was looking towards the bigger part of the shot.

#5 Great ! BW is appropriate for that car. Someone could thing of a sepia tone since this is an old car but this choice would have been in conflict with the dynamic character highlighted by your wonderful slanted shooting angle. Compliments again !

#8 I like shots where there's just a simple object surrounded by black. Nice ! I would have let it breath a little bit more by leaving a little bit of additional space between the flower and the borders and I would have moved it on the left part of the shot leaving the big black part of the side where the flower is "looking at". However, this is only my personal composition taste.

#9 I like it as it is ! No more to say.

#11 I agree with iacopo's comment. However the vertical lines are already ok. Hint . Select all\Transform\Skew and click and drag upwards on the top-left corner grip till the horizontal lines are ok.

#12 I like the slanted perspective as well as the colors. I would suggest you to burn withsome brushstrokes the lights on the grid on the bottom-right part and on the top-left part cause they are points of attraction that distracts from your slanted perspective of cakes. ( Maybe in the top-left part you would also need to use the clone stamp to soften light borders ). I would also apply a verysoft burning brushstroke on the first cake which probably suffers from an excessive lighting due to its proximity of the flash.

#13 Nice backlight and usage of the flash.

BTW, Nice kids !
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