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Default UFO?

First let me say that at best I am a skeptic about the existence of UFO's...but while on a photo shoot for West Virginia Tourism I captured this image which I cannot explain. We were in the Dolly Sods wilderness of the, nearly one million acre, Monongahela National Forest in Grant & Tucker counties of West Virginia. Eight persons were present, models, art directors etc. and none saw or heard anything unusual at the time...including me. While editing the images and cleaning dust spots from the sky I found this object in the sky. To make it more interesting...I was bracketing my exposures and it doen't appear in the image before or after.
Suggestions of what it could be?

Steve Shaluta

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Hi nice pic !
Not sure what it could be , looks like a tennis ball,lol.
UFO ya never know around here in WV lol.
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Default mmm xtrange

Looks like some kind of ballon... but it's too perfect.

Here is a level adjustemnt.

Looks like some kind of ball. (like a tennis ball), but What's doing a tennis ball there?)

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Definately a UFO... until you identify it. Great Shot.
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Default Former skeptic....

As an anthropologist and former university scientist, I used to be pretty skeptical about UFO's too, but a couple of years ago I took a job as the offical photographer for the 10th annual UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV.

I expected lots of "kooks" and strange people, but what I found was markedly different from my expectations. I found large numbers of serious scientists with academic degrees and qualifications equal or better than my own who had done quality research for many years and reached conclusions which reveal not only the current existence of "UFO's," but a history of their presence leading back many thousands of years. This revelation sent me on a quest for answers which has opened many doors and provided a number of answers and yet more questions. One thing I have determined conclusively - we are not alone here folks!

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