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Default Afternoon Moon: I like this shot

This was taken with the Canon EF100-400, and cropped.

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Looks great.

I've been wondering about shooting the moon. All of my shots of the moon are very poor. The moon usually ends up looking like a shiny white dot without any kind of detail.

Is there a secret to photographing the moon?
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Nice shot Walther!

To Lauren: I've taken this shot in total darkness with a 900mm ( 450mm lens with 2x teleconverver). This will get you close (but not close enough I think). You HAVE to use SPOTMETERING or CENTERWEIGHT METERING. The reason why your moon is all white is because the cameras lightmeter also measures the darkness around the moon and therefor ligthen up the whole photo to ensure the correct light. Hmmm...the camera is wrong here - so you have to just measure the light on the moon itself. Use spot og center!

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Thanks, Lauren & Klaus.

Klaus is right. If you use a camera that does not5 have a real spot meter, you can still take advantage of the digital way of life...You know that the camera reading will over expose the moon because of the dark sky. (In daylight shots such as mine, the contrast range is not as great, so start out with an exposure of the moon and sky...it should be within the ballpark.) In shooting the night sky, shoot a series of images starting with -1/2 stop exposure compensation and going down to 2 stops underexposed. Review the images and you'll get an idea of how much negative compensation to use to the point where you begin to see the detail.

Nothing works as well here as trial and error, and you don't have to wait for the film to come back...
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