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I'm waiting for the FZ50 but just read the review of nikon D80. The shocking difference is the battery life of FZ50 limit to 360 shots and D80 to a staggering 2,700 shots. Why is there such a big difference?
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The D80 is a dslr. In a dslr the sensor is of a different type and is not 'on' until the mirror is flipped out of the way after you push the button. The FZ50 has a video camera type chip that provides a constant stream of data but also uses a constant stream of power. Also the screen isn't used for preview in a dslr and so is off most of the time.
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Wrong forum.....

Try the digicams section.
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I do not see why its the wrong forum.......Jacks gave the correct answer but just to clarify a bit . The FZ group of cameras can not be left on all the time unless you leave it go to sleep or the battery would go dead in a few hours for the reason jacks stated ....but on a DSLR I can leave my D50 on for days without the battery going dead....as there is just a very slight battery draw for the LCD.

That said, the FZ cameras I have will take way over 1000 photos if you take them in a hurry, lots of bursts. It has much more to do with how long the FZ cameras are on rather than the actual number of photos.
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The 2,700 shots is possible but misleading.

The truth of the matter is that the camera can fire off 100 shots before the buffer fills up and then can shoot another 100 shots in rapid succession, albeit 27 times.

This is the same for the claim for the 1,800 shots for the D200. I have the D200 and found this out through reading about this such claim and confirmationby a Nikon rep.

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