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Thanks, jota! I would have liked the shot to be a little lighter also, but it's pretty shaded on the deck. I do sometimes notice purple fringing on the very bright days (both with my FZ20 and my FZ7 - especially at full telephoto), but with some shots it's not a problem and others it is. I guess it just depends on how the light is hitting the subject at that time. I usually take tons of shots in hopes of getting just one or two good ones.
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Nice shot, Melissa. The chick-a-dee is very hard to get a good still shot of as it flitters about so much.
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Hi Gary, I just got my FZ7 this summer and have had pretty good luck with it. Here is one of a hummer I took in aperture mode. Seems sharp. (Hope it's okay to post my pic on this thread) Thanks, Donna
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Keep your FZ-7. The votes coming in from users indicate they like the camera over other ones they have tried in the class. I have a famous UZI & spent a whole day doing a "shoot-off" comparison of UZI vs FZ-7. There's no doubt about some things - the amount of in-camera image processing going onin FZ-7 is way greater than what is going on with UZI. As a result UZI's give a smoother (perhaps more natural)PIX that lends itself to a wider range of post-processing than PIX from FZ-7. So what is goingon is true about what is being said about small sensors & noise etc.

For your purpose, I like the FZ-7 colors & saturation. These are fine. You need to learn the camera (this is true no matter which one you buy although I must admit that I always said about my UZI is that it is hard to get a bad shot). If you want better saturation use the menu settings &shoot at lower EV. If youare having trouble with focus (in low light) watch your shutter speed as FZ-7 priority is tooptimize on ISO. If you want less noise (& this is theb tricky one), then you have to traverse the ISO vs ambient light contour which you will only get a good feel for with some dedicated hands on practise (tough isnt it?).(On this last sentence I could write a book explaining what I think I see is going on. But it's something like.....when shooting in low light, one needs to select the right ISO for the available ambient light.....toolow & you will have noise & long shutter with attendant blur....too much & PIX is washed outwith loss of detail.)

Anyway, it is clear that relative to the competition, FZ-7 is very well liked. Check the user views for this camera onDPREVIEW &IMAGE RESOURCE for example. FZ-7 might even become another cult camera.
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check out the thread
FZ10 User Guide at the start of the Panasonic forum here
you will find it usefull even though its not your model of camera
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