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tiger98 Sep 9, 2006 1:06 PM

Macnite, I also was VERY disappointed as I certainly liked the new features and higer ISO. Now I, like you will wait to see what their next FZ model will bring and continue to use my FZ30. Jim

bayourebel Sep 9, 2006 1:12 PM

Jim, were you able to return the FZ50 or did you sell it already? Just curious. I think I will keep learning with the FZ30 as it is more than I know how to use.

tiger98 Sep 9, 2006 3:35 PM

Jerry, Yes I was still within my 30 day return period so shipped it off today. Then took a hike thru some wetlands this morning and got some shots with my FZ30 just to let it know I hadn't forgotten it ! :-) Got really lucky this morning with some Dragonfly shots, had to shoot them in flight as they wouldn't land and sit still for me! Check them out at: Jim;forum_id=23

tcook Sep 9, 2006 4:52 PM

Thanks Jim, I am disappointed as my FZ30 was stolen and I was waiting for the FZ50 to replace it. Where did you purchase yours with the 30 day return policy and is there any problem returning it?

tiger98 Sep 9, 2006 4:56 PM

Hi Ted. Sorry to hear your 30 was stolen. I've purchased my last three cameras from Amazon. You pay a few dollars more but their service is great. I've never had a problem returning a product or having a defective one replaced. I hope you have better luck than I did with the 50 than I did... if you get it. Jim

tiger98 Sep 9, 2006 4:59 PM

Andrew. Just read the review you referred to. Sounds like he also found some of the same problems I did. Jim

vIZnquest Sep 9, 2006 5:07 PM

Thanks foryour results in comparing the two cameras. I find your opinion to be of great value for Pana members here and it is sad that a newer camera is put out to perform with less than pleasing results.

This is by far better information than a pixel peeper report and the band wagon billy effect of what one has read in post somwhere else rather than a head to head comparison by a forum member who actually had the cameras to compare.

Many Thanks,


tiger98 Sep 9, 2006 5:53 PM

Your welcome Tom! I kept hoping it was something I was doing wrong but wasn't to be! I hope Panasonic keeps the great new features of the camera and incorporates them into the next model....along with a larger sensor! Thanks again for the comments Tom. Jim

bear740 Sep 10, 2006 12:00 AM

I can understand your hesitation with the FZ50, I have said since I started seeing the pictures from FZ50 owners that they looked soft, which is what I expected with the same size sensor with 2 more MP and a Venus III engine trying to smear the noise out of the pics. At ISO 200 and below, the pics are fine but still not as sharp as my FZ30. I still think the FZ50 is a great camera, just not much of a upgrade at all to the FZ30 and in some areas a downgrade, specially in picture quality. You said you would go to a DSLR, well that means a lot more money, to get a good DSLR you will have to purchase the most expensive thing about DSLR's, lenses. The Kit lens that come with almost all the DSLR's are not very good, and no where near the Leica lens on the FZ30/50. To get a Zoom at the same quality of the FZ30/50's Leica lens, you will be able to purchase 2 FZ50's. I am a professional Photographer, but I have retired and now it is just a hobby to me, I was a professional with Film, but It was not my main job, I had a job that I retired from and did professional photography on the side, but made a lot of money at it. I have waited for Digitals to come to the level of Film and they are now pretty close, I did not want to go back into a ton of expensive lens that you have to drag around with you. Zooms of the quality of the Leica on the FZ30/50 are extremely expensive and are no different now. If you are looking for better low light high ISO low noise pics then you better go with a medium range DSLR. The Sony Alpha does not do a very good job on noise at low light High ISO nor does the new Pentax K1000, I think that is the name of it, but I read the reviews it is decent but not as good as the Canon's. Canons have another problem, they do not have Image Stablization except in some of the lenses. The low range Rebels are not very well made cameras, they feel very cheap and I hate Canon's menu system. I chose the FZ30 because Noise is not that much of a issue to me, I can correct for noise with software. Still as far as sharp, clean pics at ISO 80 to 200, I am very satisfied and even at ISO 400, I have had very good success with the so called noise issue I heard so much about. If you want to go DSLR, look close and what it will cost you to get a system that will equal the FZ30/50. There is no doubt that noise will be much better at low light High ISO, but if you not shooting that much of those kinds of pics, then I would truly look at maybe picking up a FZ30, there are still some out there, but only the silver models, but the FZ50 is still a great camera too. I have looked at most of my work and the few times that I needed low light High ISO or in the film days 400 ASA film was rare and I could not make a decision to sink in that much money to get low light pics that I rarely shoot. Your decision but if money is no object then go for the DSLR. Another thing you will have to worry about that FZ owners do not, that is dust, they kill sensors and so far the shaking sensors on some of the DSLR cause more problems then they knock off any dust. Just some food for thought.

tiger98 Sep 10, 2006 12:31 AM

Bear, That wasn't me that said I would go with a DSLR ! I am SUPER happy with my FZ30, even more so now that I found the 50 to be seriously lacking in picture quality. I'll be sticking with the 30 until Panasonic comes out with something better and I can see and prove it's better ! I agree with your comments! Jim

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