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In the FZ50 manual, it states that it is required to set to "close up" under conversion if we are attaching close up lens. It is also necessary to remove any filter protector. I purchased two close up lens Hoya +3 and +4 and I have experimented with the following observation after attaching the close up lens

1) Whether remove the filter protector or not, I have no difficulting in focusing and make no difference to the image size

2) Image size is the same and focusing got no problem even the setting is set to "off" or "wide angle" without setting to "close up". At certain distance, even "tele conversion" also works.

So I wonder why is there a need to have the conversion setting the the camera? Or is it for very extreme close up lens which I don't possess yet?
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I asked about this setting (on the FZ-30) in this forum quite a while back and don't think I ever received an answer.
After experimenting and thinking about it, I finally came to the conclusion that the only thing this setting does is remind you via an on-screen alert if you are not at full zoom with a tele add-on lens, or at minimum zoom with a wide-angle lens.

I don't think it effects the photo in any way.

I hope I explained that well enough.

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If it doesn't affect the pix in anyway, your answer make sense. But why the instruction require us to remove any lens protector? Again doesn't make sense to me.
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While I do not have a FZ50 ...the conversions settings are for WA and/or telephoto....And with the older FZ cameras it started the lens at 6X for tele and only allowed up to 6X on WA.

The setting never really was Worth much IMHO but it did speed up start up times with the older FZs.

And if that is the setting your speaking about...it is no good to put a filter between the camera and a conversion lens ,it only adds a bit of vignetting to a Tele lens but gives a very poor result with most WA lens.

And any piece of glass between the camera and the subject is at best not much good and at worst can degrade a picture quite a bit.

With close up lens such as you are using that setting is not applicable and you should most likely experiment with the Macro mode.

As that is what your using (close-up/macro) not WA or teleconversion lenses

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